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Oracle ERP Cloud go-live

A Successful ERP Go-Live

Periodic Access Review Oracle ERP Cloud

Take the Pain Out of Oracle Cloud ERP

Automate ITGCs

What are ITGCs and their role in risk mitigation

Internal Controls Automation

Internal Controls - the power of automation

Custom Roles Oracle ERP Cloud

Custom Roles, Data Security Policies, Privileges

ERP Controls

ERP Controls - Why They Are Essential

GRC and Access Governance

GRC and Access Governance Better Together

Detecting threats in Oracle ERP Cloud

Detecting Threats in Oracle ERP Cloud

Fraud Risk

Fight Fraud with Internal Controls

Approva replacement

When and Why upgrade GRC Technology

Risk and controls for Oracle ERP Cloud

Risk Management and Controls for Oracle ERP Cloud

Role Design in Oracle ERP Cloud

Role Design in Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Cloud ERP

Segregation of Duties for Oracle EBS and ERP Cloud

Importance of ERP Controls

Secure Oracle ERP Cloud with application controls monitoring

Risk Control Platform

Control risk with SafePaaS platform

Cross-application security

Cross-Application Security
- automate controls

Address cross-application risk in NetSuite with proven strategies

Keep GRC webinar

How to keep running Oracle GRC

RACI Matrix of responsibilities you need to support internally.

CCM Monitoring Box

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Gain Actionable Business Insight By Automating Monitoring Controls With Appssurance

Mitigate risk with spreadsheet controls

Mitigate risk with spreadsheet controls

Mitigate risk with spreadsheet controls. Best practices and easy-to-use-techniques to simplify and streamline the complexity of managing large spreadsheets.

The birth of Oracle GRC

The Evolution of GRC Software

The evolution of GRC. Why Advanced Controls are needed for ERP systems

Digital Transformation Strategy

Panel Discussion Risk And Compliance In Digital Transformation

Ensure risk and compliance isn’t the missing part of your cloud or digital transformation.

Build GRC Roadmap

Build a GRC Roadmap

How to build a GRC roadmap using a six-step methodology in six weeks

Cyber Security Solutions

COVID-19 has heightened  Cybersecurity Challenges

How cyber security solutions can help protect patients at scale

ERP Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology Security Risks

Understanding New Technology and Security Risks as you respond to COVID-19

Predictive Analytics To Discover Risk

Predictive Analytics to Discover Risk

Too much data and not enough analytics!

Maintain Effective GRC Controls

Upgrade to SAP S4 HANA

Maintain Effective GRC Controls as you upgrade to SAP S4 HANA..

ERP Controls Management

Prevention is better than Cure!

Learn to Prevent Control Violations and eliminate expensive detection and remediation cycles.

ERP Webinar

Emerging cybersecurity threats

Protect your critical business applications against emerging cybersecurity threats.

Preventing Data Breaches

Discover, Remediate and Prevent Data Breaches

Discover how to assess, protect, remediate and respond to data breaches with SafePaaS Data Protection Solutions.

Risk Free Cloud Transformation

Risk-Free Cloud Transformation

Learn how one of our clients is leveraging the cloud to ensure effective management of controls as well as best practices and industry insight.