SafePaaS for ServiceNow

SafePaaS for ServiceNow
SafePaaS for ServiceNow

SafePaaS for ServiceNow

As a growing number of SafePaaS customers have adopted ServiceNow for IT service requests and workflows, we have introduced support for ServiceNow API services to rapidly remediate risks to ERP applications by automating closed-loop corrective actions in ServiceNow. The ServiceNow API services are  now enabled within SafePaaS to POST service requests in ServiceNow and GET results once the request is processed in ServiceNow.  

Customers are now deploying SafePaaS for ServiceNow to rapidly reduce access risks in their ERP systems. With SafePaaS for ServiceNow you can:

  • Control Risks in ServiceNow accounts and groups

  • Leverage ServiceNow service desk tickets to remediate access risks

  • Integrate fine-grained self-service access controls with ServiceNow access requests

  • Provide comprehensive compliance and control monitoring for audit

  • Issue corrective actions to terminate user access or re-assign roles

  • Complete service requests, and record evidence of completed actions 

Customers are using the integrated services to automate governance, compliance, and risk management to many other domains of IT General Controls (ITGC) framework, where SafePaaS controls the IT service request in ServiceNow. For example, SDLC controls that require evidence of IT requests for ERP applications configuration, Privileged user activity log for compliance with data protection policies and detect bottlenecks in IT processes. 

This enhanced capability allows ServiceNow customers to provision tickets in and out of SafePaaS for a centralized view of access risk, simplifying the process of identity access governance while reducing risk at the same time.

With an all-in-one platform for identity access governance solutions, you can benefit from a single centralized ITGC controls platform for all IT services management processes allowing them to focus on IT services that deliver business outcomes. 

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