Information Technology Governance 

It is increasingly difficult to separate business change from IT change. In today’s fast-moving IT environment, new opportunities are seized by organizations that are agile and able to respond quickly. However, the IT landscape is increasingly complex and risky and mobile, social and cloud technologies have extended the business outside corporate firewalls creating, in effect, a “shadow” IT department.

Data is an enterprise asset raising risk management and compliance pressures, and increased dependence on third parties complicates operating models further. Adding to these complexities are expectations for exceptional IT performance – from workforce, business partners and customers. There is an unprecedented dependence on technology – and tremendous consequences when it fails.

Information Technology Governance - Challenges

Overseeing a company's information technology activities is a significant challenge for most all directors. The pace of change in this area is rapid, the subject matter is complicated, and the highly technical language used to describe emerging technologies and evolving risks makes for a challenging area. Many companies are relying more and more on technology to get ahead, often prompting substantial changes in how they operate. Cyber risk impacts nearly all companies and is at the forefront of managements’ minds. All of these factors can make the board’s IT oversight responsibility appear harder than perhaps it really is. SafePaaS Information Technology Governance & Risk Advisors help can help you design and implement effective operating models to manage technology risk.

Our risk based approach for IT General Controls (ITGC) enables organizations to better understand the true business impact of risks arising from an organization’s dependence on technology. This in turn leads to better prioritization of risk mitigation activities and focusing efforts on the things that matter most. The end result for organizations is improvement in control coverage at lower cost per control.

SafePaaS includes IT General Controls for all aspects of the Information Technology Governance framework such Change Management, Security, Disaster Recover, Project Risk Management, etc. Our IT General Controls solutions help organizations anticipate and respond more quickly to potential risk events, whether arising from within the organizations or from emergence of new potentially disruptive technologies.