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SafePaaS is a leading risk management platform used by the world's leading organizations that helps you not only identify but remediate, prevent and monitor hidden risk as well as automate processes in your business-critical systems.

We provide real outcomes, not just software.

Watch how SafePaaS enables you to:

✓ Easily, quickly and reliably identify and automate segregation of duties risk
✓ Protect your risk across multiple data sources in a centralized place
✓ Proactively fix Segregation of Duties with roles management.
✓ Continuously monitor configuration, transaction, and master data changes
✓ Prevent risk in the user provisioning process with fine-grained access controls.
✓ Automate user access certification
✓ Streamline compliance
✓ Prevent waste, fraud, and errors

SafePaaS is everything you need to reduce risk backed by a services team that helps you succeed.

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