Governance for Education

Success in today’s dynamic higher education environment demands continuous process improvement. Leading institutions are seeking ways to be more responsive, flexible and adaptable to support the delivery of new education models and programs to meet the expectations of their ‘consumers’. These goals require better human capital management and greater visibility into master data stored in mission critical applications such as ERP systems, Grant Management Systems and Campus Solutions.

SafePaaS enables educational and research institutions extend their reach, gain greater efficiencies and scalability, and improve their users’ experiences with the institution with enterprise controls that mitigate risks.

SafePaaS Hire to Retire controls (Human Capital Management) enables the HR management team to align compensation and benefits with talent and business strategies to build and sustain reward effectiveness and efficiency.

SafePaaS Roles Manager can improve user productivity with a security design tool that contains a pre-configured catalog of roles, which comply with Segregation of Duty (SoD) policies.

SafePaaS can help you:

  • Extend your reach, gain greater efficiencies and improve users’ experiences with enterprise controls to mitigate risk

  • Improve Data Security with policy-based access governance

  • Gain Better visibility with Master Data Governance

  • Optimize HR Management Process with Advanced Analytics

Recommended Resources

Access Governance for Higher Ed

Access Governance for Higher Education

Join our thought leaders from Mastek and SafePaaS as they discuss how building an ecosystem of effective internal business process controls provides a solid foundation for managing and controlling risk and how technology plays a key role in safeguarding you moving forward.

Segregation of Duties fraud risk

Prevent Fraud risk with segregation of duties

Every business faces the risk of unforeseen, harmful events. Fraud can potentially cost your organization millions. But there are also additional implications to fraud, such as: harming your reputation and causing you to lose important clients. An SoD solution allows your organization to proactively prepare for the unexpected by setting internal controls. 

Automated controls

The benefits of automated controls

Automated controls allow for Continuous Monitoring. For example, it is essential to ensure that the data entered in your ERP when onboarding a supplier remains correct when it is time to pay invoices. Given the time between onboarding and payment can be lengthy, there is ample opportunity for internal and external bad actors to manipulate your data.