Gain greater visibility into Master Data stored in ERP


How does the Education Industry have success with SafePaaS?

Our Solution Allows For:

  • Data Security to be improved with Roles Based Access Management.

  • Better visibility with Master Data Governance.

  • HR Management Process to be optimised with Advanced Analytics.

Leading Institutions want to be more responsive, flexible and adaptable to support new education models and programs. These goals require better human capital management and greater visibility into Master Data stored in mission critical applications such as ERP systems, Grant Management Systems and Campus Solutions.

Our Customers Include:

How Can SafePaaS Help?

SafePaaS can help you extend your reach, gain greater efficiencies and improve users’ experiences with enterprise controls to mitigate risk.
Our Hire to Retire product allows the HR management team to align compensation and benefits with talent and business strategies to build and sustain reward effectiveness and efficiency.
Our Roles Manager can improve user productivity with a security design tool which complies with Segregation of Duties policies.