Fight Fraud with Internal Controls

Fraud Risk
Next generation risk management for EBS

Fight Fraud with Internal Controls

Billions of dollars are lost each year to fraud and that number continues to rise.

In this session, esteemed thought leaders Salih Ahmed and Adil Khan will discuss how robust internal control methods can be used to detect unusual transactions, monitor opportunities, deter collusion and reduce financial losses. Learn how to analyze the risk of fraud specific to each business, assess fraud controls, and develop effective remediation plans. Understand how to develop a transaction monitoring system that notifies management of suspected fraudulent transactions within and across applications.

Our speakers will discuss how security and risk management leaders are taking an increasingly active role in leading organizational fraud detection and prevention activity by implementing robust anti-fraud governance frameworks, building anti-fraud culture, and through analytics to leverage data across vertical silos to monitor suspicious activity such as user authentication and identity proofing. 


  • The Big Picture - Fraud in the Age of cybercrime and COVID-19
  • Fraud Risk Management Best Practices
  • Create a Fraud Risk Culture
  • Solutions - Segregation of Duties, policy-based access provisioning, automated access certification, continuous controls monitoring

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Fraud risk

Salih Ahmed

Group Internal Audit

Salih has spent the last 10 years as Group Internal Auditor at Group Rocher - one of the largest retail groups in France He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of internal audit He started his profession with Arthur Andersen then worked in the textile, iron and steel, petroleum, construction, FMCG and retail industries.

Adil Khan

Adil Khan


25 years + experience in enterprise business systems. Adil serves on the board of the OATUG GRC SIG. Adil has authored “Governance, Risk and Compliance Handbook for Oracle Applications”. He has delivered over fifty presentations on GRC trends, best practices, and case studies at many industry conferences.