Segregation of Duties for Oracle EBS and ERP Cloud

Segregation of duties for Oracle ERP clod and EBS
Segregation of duties for Oracle ERP clod and EBS

Must-see session if you're looking to explore segregation of duties solutions for Oracle

Join industry leaders from Searchlight, CCO Bryan Oak along with SafePaaS’ Scott Elequin and Navinder Kaplish as they discuss the importance of performing a segregation of duties health check that provides you a detailed view of security and data access risks in your system and will provide advice to help you determine the scope of work needed to improve controls and security sooner rather than later.

Oracle E-Business Suite and Cloud ERP are incredibly flexible and robust ERP platforms. They are designed so that users can configure the system to meet diverse industry requirements and can be tailored to meet user needs. Unfortunately, many companies configure the software without thoroughly considering the requirements from auditors, risk managers, and regulators regarding Segregation of Duties and access security. To complicate matters, it can be difficult to manually identify where these conflicts exist, as well as expensive and time-consuming to remediate these problems.

The panel will discuss how segregation of duties issues creep into system implementations; why it’s important to address these issues in the early stages of application security design and the benefits for the client, including reducing the risk of fraud and financial mistakes as well as the overall improvement of business processes.

We will outline an easy approach to get started with a quick Segregation of Duties Healthcheck.

This 45-minute session discusses:

✓ How and when segregation of duties problems start, looking at new implementations and support for existing systems
✓How problems manifest themselves
✓The benefits of addressing issues for day-to-day and come audit time
✓How it’s easy to get started with a quick Healthcheck

View our Segregation of Duties Health check for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle ERP Cloud

Our Speakers

Bryan Oak

Bryan Oak

Searchlight Consulting

27 years experience in business and IT consulting,  leading technology-enabled change programmes, including global and multi-site enterprise solutions implementations. Spanning end-to-end strategy alignment, programme definition and delivery oversight, Bryan’s client work focuses on achieving technology-enabled change by combining enterprise business architecture and programme management, with process, organisation design, change management and technology implementation.

Scott Elequin CRO at SafePaas

Scott Elequin


Scott is CRO at SafePaaS and has worked with enterprise business systems for over 25 years. He has done ERP consulting services with “Big 4” consulting firms, Oracle Consulting as well as serving as the CEO of a top-ranked Oracle consulting firm that was acquired in 2019. This firm provided implementation, optimization, and integration services for over 200 customers across the US and worldwide. His passion is helping customers solve complex business problems and helping them get more value out of their software and systems..

Navinder Kaplish

Navinder Kaplish


Navinder is a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) specialist with 17+ years experience. He has led large, global programmes including SOX transformation programmes  in Europe, North America, LATAM and Asia. He also has a keen interest in emerging technologies like Blockchain. Nav has an MBA from London Business School and has led audit and advisory assignments at Deloitte and Ernst & Young. Navinder has honed his skills in global organizations including the BBC, Honeywell Millicom and London Heathrow.