Secure Oracle ERP Cloud with application controls monitoring

Importance of ERP Controls
Application Controls Monitoring Oracle ERP Cloud

This Q&A discussion focuses on the importance of effective security and application controls monitoring in your Oracle ERP Cloud project to address and reduce business risk. SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan is joined by guest speaker Rick Anthony, VP of Sales at Evosys to explore how the increasing trend towards cloud landscapes often leaves security and application controls monitoring behind. Adil and Rick share proven methodologies to make sure your organization is protected.
Demonstrating effective business controls is becoming increasingly important to many industries and organizations in the digitally, faced-paced world we live in and more so with the uncertain landscape we are living in. This Q&A session  provides steps that can be taken to ensure that management of application monitoring and controls become an embedded part of an organization’s cloud implementation or upgrade project as well as shares real case studies and proven best practices to ensure your organization remains safeguarded.

AGENDA - Rick and Adil address the following questions in this on-demand session

What are the key business drivers for moving ERP to the cloud?

What are the top 3 reasons an organization should consider security and application controls in the early stages of a cloud implementation?

What are some lessons learned from successful cloud transformations ?

How can an organization proactively protect sensitive data in an Oracle ERP Cloud project?

Case study journeys of first cloud adopters to recent organizations that have moved to the cloud?

Once organizations secure the cloud, how can they keep it clean?

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