Public Sector

How does the Public Sector have success with SafePaaS

Our Solution Allows For:

  • Procurement Waste and Fraud to be controlled.
  • Opportunities that provide long-term sustainable revenue to be identified.
  • Insights to enhance operational productivity.
How can you lower cost, improve efficiency, flexibility, operational agility and integrity of systems? How do you balance budget, manage debt and reduce or eliminate deficit spending? Advanced Controls are a solution.

Public service agencies, including government, education, and healthcare, are increasingly looking for lower cost and more flexible ways to improve efficiency, flexibility, operational agility and integrity of systems. Increased public scrutiny, the need for fiscal sustainability and an ever- growing demand for services has forced many governments to seek new ways to balance effective delivery of services in the short-term against long-term budget considerations. For large portions of the public sector, the era of austerity has arrived. From municipalities and cities to global superpowers and smaller developing nations, governments at all levels are painfully aware of the need to balance budgets, manage debt and reduce or eliminate deficit spending.

Identifying and executing strategies that provide long-term sustainable revenue will be a top priority for governments.  Responding to business and legal mandates to manage costs and improve efficiency, public sector organizations are looking to advanced controls as a potential solution.

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How Can SafePaaS Help?

SafePaaS Continuous Controls Monitoring Service includes a catalogue of advanced controls for ERP systems that mitigates risk in business processes, improve operational efficiencies with effective master data governance.

SafePaaS Roles Manager can improve employee productivity and retention by enabling you to design business application roles leveraging a pre-configured catalogue of roles which match employee job roles and comply with SOD.

We can help you discover new opportunities with SafePaaS DataProbe. This is a data discovery tool that you can connect to enterprise business applications such as Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, J D Edwards, SAP and Seibel. Generate risk reports and identify ERP security access control violations, misconfigurations in ERP systems, suspicious transactions and master data management issues.
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