Data Breaches are the New Normal

Data Breaches are the new normal

Discover, remediate and Prevent Data Breaches 

As businesses and organisations have sought to collect more personal data from us, we’ve pushed back and said enough is enough. Data Breaches can't be the normal.

The introduction of recent data protection laws passed in the European Union (GDPR) in particular have already led to several lawsuits against businesses and the way in which they handle our data.

SafePaaS data protection offerings address emerging risk and help mitigate that risk. GDPR in particular applies to the processing of personal data.

Data Breach

By personal data we mean any type of information relating to a data subject and at the core of GDPR is the accountability for the handling of this data. In a nutshell businesses should lawfully collect the data, fully inform the individual that the data they collect will only be used for the purpose indicated and keep the data subject informed at all times of what will happen to their data and who will have access to that data. Your organisation’s ERP systems that collect data form the foundation on which your business reputation is built.

Securing and protecting these systems should be a number one priority yet many organisations fail to understand the risk related to the collection of this data. Organisations need to implement policies that are continuously monitored within the organisation and design controls to ensure timely response to data leaks and breaches.

SafePaaS now offers Data Protection Agreements to its clients that use SafePaaS to protect their information systems. To learn more about SafePaaS data governance best practices, and insight on designing a data governance plan, you can listen to our latest webinar.

You will discover how to assess, protect, remediate and respond to data breaches and learn how SafePaaS Data Protection solutions can automate the protection of data and continuously monitor data.