Healthcare - SafePaaS


How does the Healthcare Industry have success with SafePaaS?

Our Solution Allows For:

  • Patient Care to be improved.

  • Costs to be contained.

  • Fraud, waste and losses in Procure to pay cycle to be reduced.

  • Access to sensitive data and transactions to be restricted with Roles Management Controls.

Our Customers Include:

How Can SafePaaS Help?

We can help your organisation adapt and innovate while managing risk. Our SafePaaS Continuous Controls Monitoring Service can implement advanced controls in business applications that enable the delivery of high-quality care and improved patient satisfaction.

We can streamline workflow processes and secure information exchange. Advanced business application controls address risks and challenges, including U.S Government mandates for implementing meaningful use of electronic health records improving patient information access and delivering accountable care.

Our Roles Manager can improve user productivity with a security design tool which complies with Segregation of Duties policies.