Governance for Retail

E-Commerce has created a 24/7 365-day a year business. This means more data and information to leverage, greater risk and costs associated with cyber-theft and misuse.

In today’s dynamically changing Retail Industry, traditional business models and customer segments are much less relevant. E-Commerce has blurred the lines and created an industry that is open for business anytime, anywhere and any way the customer prefers to shop. The possibilities for effectively identifying and engaging consumers are limited only by imagination, and each advance in new technology brings excitement and anticipation of the future of the consumer industry.

However, some of the same advances in technology also present the biggest threats to security and customer trust. The more data and information companies have to leverage, the greater the risks and costs associated with cyber-theft or misuse become.

SafePaaS can help you:

  • Optimize Pricing with controls that mitigate inventory management risks
  • Prevent cyber-theft of enterprise information assets
  • Achieve Revenue growth with advanced analytics that predict customer needs and behaviours

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Advanced Control Analytics for Retail

Businesses are constantly gathering data. During the selling process, you collect data on the products or services sold and how many products you have in stock. These data points may not tell you much on their own, but integrating them helps retailers see changes in buying patterns that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Advanced analytics keeps you ahead of the curve while providing your customers with better service.

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Access Governance

Across all Cloud SaaS as well as on-premise applications based on fine-grained policies. AUTOMATED detection, mitigation, remediation and prevention of access risk.

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Governance in the Digital Age

Digital transformation should include a corporate governance transformation to minimize risks; by implementing the right technology solutions, relevant policies and procedures that can be rapidly embedded and continuously monitored, allowing organizations to identify and address any corporate governance deficiencies quickly.