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Why SafePaaS?

SafePaaS is the policy-based access governance platform that automatically detects and prevents audit findings and security incidents across the entire enterprise in one single platform. Built from the ground up, our organic, agile cloud platform allows organizations to adopt and extend identity security and access governance solutions efficiently and effectively when required. SafePaaS supports any enterprise application, any cloud infrastructure, any IAM or ITSM system for complete governance. Policies sit at the center of our platform architecture delivering immediate value without the complexity of role-based IGA solutions.

SafePaaS careers

SafePaaS is an exciting, forward-thinking company empowering its employees to make meaningful decisions. We work with some of the world’s most complex organizations helping them reduce risk in business-critical applications such as ERP. We are laser-focused on our mission which is to help prevent businesses, commerce, and communities from another Enron disaster. We work hard to deliver meaningful outcomes that impact businesses for the better good.

We are innovative marketers, talented engineers, problem solvers, and solution specialists. We are trusted advisors and thought leaders. At SafePaaS we value our employees and offer agile ways of working to create transparency to increase both team and individual performance.

SafePaaS careers


Each new member of our team is encouraged to take part in our mentoring program. By encouraging a learning culture through mentoring, we ensure employees take an active role in spreading knowledge and best practices throughout the organization. Transferring that invaluable information into fresh minds. problem-solving skills, as well as guidance around culture - and of course, that all-important access to knowledge.

SafePaaS careers

Flexible work from home model with stipends for success

We are a remote team allowing employees to Save time commuting and unnecessary stress. Work hours are flexible to improve work life balance. We value our employee’s family and personal time. We value our employees time off by providing flexible paid time off.

SafePaaS careers

Diverse Global team - community

We have teams across the globe that favors creative thinking amongst our employees. You’ll beexposed to new perspectives and viewpoints from a variety of cultures as well as gain a valuable,enriching experience.

SafePaaS careers

Room for advancement and recognition

We are passionate about making our employees be successful. If you crave new challenges and increasing responsibilities, SafePaaS offers room to grow your career. We encourage employees to take charge of their careers and growth.

SafePaaS careers

Personalized Training and Learning Opportunities

We offer training to all our employees allowing you to gain knowledge and new skills from industry experts. Our learning opportunities will help you expand your skillset and knowledge periphery.