Order to Cash

Prevent Revenue Leaks, Improve Revenue Recognition Controls

  • Continuous monitoring across O2C business process
  • Ensure customer orders data quality and track key performance metrics
  • Prevent risks and investigate recovery opportunities to improve revenue generation, margins and profitability
Order-to-Cash Process

Revenue leakage is a real problem facing many industries, especially where the revenue management chain is complex. "Revenue leakage amounts to 9% of an enterprise's revenues." – 45% of executives see revenue leakage as a systematic problem for their companies, according to a 2020 survey by Boston Consulting Group. The Order to Cash (O2C) cycle spans several functional areas of the organization which includes external providers such as credit rating agencies and credit card processors. The control gaps in the underlying systems are therefore prone to revenue leakage through fraud, errors, or mismanagement. Organizations are subject to additional losses through penalties if the revenue recognition method does not comply with guidelines issued by FASB, IASB, etc.

SafePaaS Order to Cash Advanced Controls provide continuous monitoring across O2C business process to detect control breaches, while ensuring data quality and providing feedback on key performance metrics across the entire process. You will be able to improve checks and balances, identify process efficiency opportunities and prevent revenue leakage in your O2C cycle of managing customer information, order entry, pricing, discounting, invoicing, receipts, and collections. We can help you assess Order to Cash risks using SafePaaS DataProbeETL™ and implement effective automated system controls utilizing our Controls Catalogue to prevent risk points and investigate recovery opportunities to improve revenue generation, margins and profitability.

Contact SafePaaS for Order to Cash controls including: AR Invoices Over Threshold, Sales Order Over Threshold Amount, Sales Order Over Credit Limit, DSO Fluctuations by Percent, Sales Order Payment Terms Validation, Invoicing Rules are those Receivables uses to determine when you will bill your customer and the accounting period in which the receivable amount is recorded.