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Financial Services

How does the Financial Services Industry have success with SafePaaS?

Our Solution Allows For:

  • Prevention of penalties from Regulations such as FCPA, UK Bribery ACT, Dodd-Frank and SOX.

  • Improvements in supplier governance with Master Data Monitoring

  • Remediation of Data Access risks with Roles Management.

Globalisation, outsourcing and an increase in regulations has led to industries having to re-examine internal controls such as internal audit, information security, business continuity, disaster recovery, fraud protection and data privacy. Stringent compliance regulations are imposed on these industries to ensure transparency and protect customers.

Our Customers Include:


How Can SafePaaS Help?

We can help you integrate your business applications into your enterprise risk management program using the latest capabilities of SafePaaS Continuous Controls Monitoring Service. We can help your organisation implement a Risk Based Supplier Classification, extend supplier controls to a multidimensional approach, control supplier confidential data that is exported, comply with requirements set forth by data privacy and IS groups aimed at preventing unauthorized access or storage.

Our Roles Manager can improve user productivity with a security design tool which complies with Segregation of Duties policies.