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Segregation of Duties Maturity Model

SafePaaS' Segregation of Duties Program


Segregation of Duties Buyer's Guide

Segregation of Duties Buyer's Guide


Oracle ERP Cloud

Take a proactive approach to access controls, data security policies and in particular, segregation of duties to restrict privileged access in Oracle ERP Cloud.

Deployment Services For Transformative Business Outcomes

Deployment Services & Business Outcomes


Definite Guide to Identity Access Management

The Definite Guide to Modern Identity Access Management - IGA, IAM and PAM

SOX Internal Controls Compliance

This guidebook will clarify the confusion surrounding SOX internal controls
and achieving compliance for your SOX audit. 

Prevent Financial Misstatement Risk with segregation of duties

This ebook discusses Segregation of Duties (SoD) and its critical role in enabling businesses to minimize the risk of financial misstatement.

Mitigate Risk in Oracle Applications

Safeguard your Business with access controls that mitigate the risk of cyberthreats, financial misstatements and fraud in Oracle Applications

Application Access Governance

CISOs Guide to Enterprise Application Access Governance. Criteria to help select the right IGA platform.

Data Breaches

Detect, prevent and remediate data breaches in Oracle. Data governance practices. Establish access policies.

ERP Access Controls Testing

Segregation of Duties Handbook for ERP Auditors - ERP Access Controls Testing

Free Financial Close Ebook

Prevent financial misstatement risks with financial close automation.

Transaction Monitoring Ebook

Discover new opportunities hidden in your data with AI-enabled SafePaaS.

Access Management Ebook

Protect Your Business and Reputation by Securing ERP Application Access
(Best Practices for Detecting, Remediating and Preventing Segregation of Duties Risks in ERP) 

GRC Technology

All you need to know about GRC technology, how it all began, and what you should be looking for in a modern, digital world.

Role based Access Management, Oracle E-Business Suite security model, best practices for implementing access policies

The complete guide to understanding Oracle E-Business Suite Security Model. Role-based Access Management for Oracle. 

SafePaas GRC Solutions

The aim of this ebook is to present an overview of the current challenges  and compliance requirements associated with securing and monitoring access to critical systems and data sets.