Plan to Build

Supply Chain Management

Improve Working Capital and Reduce Excessive Inventory

  • Monitor Plan to Build Controls in ERP system to reduce inventory write-offs

  • Prevent waste and losses in ordering, transportation, and materials movement

  • Ensure accurate inventory levels based on usage patterns and operational needs

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems have enabled organizations to greatly improve supply chain management efficiencies over past years, however many organizations facing global competition, shorter delivery time and margin pressure are seeking to optimize the Plan to Build process.

SafePaaS Supply Chain Management solution includes advanced controls designed to detect excessive overall inventory resulting from internal changes such as product design and external changes such as market conditions. You can analyze your ERP data with SafePaaS OAT Analytics to identify insufficient inventory of critical parts. Stock outs of hard-to-replace parts that can cause potential critical line down situations. Once you identify trends of unreliable supply chains that break at the most inopportune times, you can implement preventive controls in your ERP system by downloading ERP embedded controls from SafePaaS Smart Controls Cloud. With the improved visibility, you can gain a better understanding of the potential risks in the system to react rapidly to risk events and correct the root cause of vulnerable in the supply chains.

Here are a few examples of Inventory controls from our Smart Controls Cloud:
Monitor overhead rates for your organization, based on the pre-defined material overheads. You can define any number of material overheads, such as freight, customs, purchasing, and so on. Ensure that each overhead is charged when you receive items into inventory. You prevent the use material overheads in organizations that use average costing.
You can control user access to inventory organizations by mapping roles/responsibilities to organizations. Once this mapping is set a user logging into an ERP system, the user access is restricted to organizations mapped to the assigned responsibility/role.

We enable Plant Managers, Resource Planers and Cost Accountants To:

  • Monitor changes in inventory levels for excessive overall inventory levels

  • Prevent supply chains that break at the most inopportune times

  • Detect defective system controls to optimize Plan to Build process