Data Privacy

Technology innovations are pushing the limits of privacy well beyond current regulatory standards and legal requirements. Organizations require sustainable privacy and data protection solutions where carefully considered detailed regulatory requirements are unable to provide the necessary protection.

New and updated regulations, such as the new regulatory framework in the EU, new risks following intelligence leaks, such as that by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, as well as constantly evolving expectations from customers, employees and regulators are all placing pressure on organizations.

SafePaaS can assist you with data privacy risk assessment by performing a quantitative and qualitative value of risk related to your organization’s current situation. We help organizations determine the data privacy risks based on a framework of perspectives because the data controller cannot know about the context and dangers for individual people. Our assessment approach also takes into account the size and value of the data.

For example, when it comes to assessment, the exposure of large data sets generates a higher degree of public attention; however, this does not necessarily mean it will lead to a more significant threat. The reality of IT shows that systems with a small set of very specific data are neither less valuable nor less important for privacy concerns.

SafePaaS enables organizations to:

  • Maintain controls over sensitive data and consistently apply privacy policies across functions and borders
  • Embed privacy policies into business processes, products or services
  • Create a culture that understands the importance of privacy, and responds to privacy incidents
  • Mitigate risks of enterprise data breach from cyber threats
  • Detect data governance policy violations from internal users
  • Comply with a wide range of regulatory mandates