Predictive Analytics to Discover Risk

Predictive Analytics To Discover Risk
Predictive Analytics to Discover Risk

Too much data and not enough analytics!

Organizations are seeking new ways to transform their rapidly growing data into insight that mitigates risks and unlocks new opportunities. However, using the traditional reporting tools to look for unusual patterns in large data sets is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The problem is not the resources, the personnel, or the data. It’s that many organizations simply don’t have the advanced analytics required to arrange the data, identify suspicious patterns and weaknesses; at least not fast enough. There’s too much data and not enough analytics!

We need a better way of knowing what the information means — of interpreting the data to discover an unknown business risk or opportunity as it happens or, even better, anticipate the next one. For most organizations, reducing transaction errors and misuse continues to be one of the largest untapped opportunities to manage costs, improve top-line revenue recognition, and ensure compliance with policies.

Join SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan as he discusses how to discover patterns in all types of structured and unstructured enterprise data, and use this insight to improve bottom line, significantly reduce cash leakage and post-audit recovery costs, improve revenue recognition timing, safeguard the integrity of financial statements, reduce the cost of internal and external audits, increase visibility into controls environment and mitigate exposure to fraud.


  • Introduction
  • Too Much Data, Not Enough Analytics!
  • A 2020 Vision of your Enterprise
  • Actionable Analytics with SafeInsight
  • Case Study

Speaker Bio:

Adil Khan is CEO at SafePaaS with over 15 years of experience in enterprise business systems. Adil also serves on the board of the Oracle Applications Users Group Internal Controls and Security Interest Group (OAUG-ICSSIG). Adil has authored “Governance, Risk and Compliance Handbook for Oracle Applications”. He has delivered over fifty presentations on GRC trends, best practices and case studies at many industry conferences including Gartner GRC Summit, IIA, ISACA, Collaborate, UKOUG and Oracle OpenWorld. Adil has successfully designed and implemented internal controls management systems for more than 15 global companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ. His expertise includes streamlining and automating Governance Risk and Compliance processes based on industry standards such as ERM-COSO and CoBIT. Prior to joining SafePaaS, Adil served as the Chief Executive Officer and board member at Alternate Marketing Networks, Inc. a NASDAQ listed company.