Cross-Application Security – automate controls

Cross Application Segregation of Duties
Cross-application security

Address complex challenges of monitoring and managing risk across the enterprise

As enterprises evolve and become more complex, the risk landscape becomes even more challenging. Companies are using a combination of on-premise, legacy homegrown and cloud applications and therefore, how to manage and monitor risk across the enterprise becomes complicated. Cross-application risk is what makes organizations turn to solutions such as SafePaaS that can help them automate controls across the entire enterprise.  

This 45-minute session discusses the challenges many NetSuite customers face along with the cross-application security implications these create and how to implement strategies that really work to overcome these struggles.

If your organization is running NetSuite and other business-critical applications, which you most probably are, you’re most likely facing the challenges many of our customers have reported to us.  

One of these being that many NetSuite customers struggle to understand how to manage cross-system access management in an integrated environment especially superuser access as they have limited visibility into what these superusers are doing once inside the system.

Altum Strategy Group's Dan Miller and Matthew Gantner together with SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan talk through pivotal questions our NetSuite customers have  raised and the answers they are looking for.


•Use Case 

•Challenges with NetSuite 

•Moving Beyond NetSuite - Key Considerations

•How to Develop a Risk-Based Approach - In considering cross-system risks, it is critical to analyze and develop a unified approach to identifying and managing key risks.

Speaker Bios

Matthew Gantner is the Managing Partner of Altum Strategy Group and has over 15 years of experience helping organizations develop and implement results focused solutions. His approach is to assess organizational challenges or initiatives by taking a holistic approach across people, process, and technology. As a result, he is able to assist organizations with the development   of a pragmatic program that is executable and measurable. Matthew has been a recognized leader in the enterprise application, governance, risk, and compliance, access management, business operations and  transformation, and strategy space. He has worked with startups to Fortune 100 organizations and has extensive experience working with multi-national initiatives.

Daniel Miller is a strategic advisor within the Altum Strategy Group. Dan has 15 years of experience concentrated in developing IT infrastructure, business applications, support, processes, standardization and compliance strategies. Dan’s experience in the business applications area includes hands on experience, as well as leading both support and delivery teams to meet key deadlines and deliver results. He has led project teams in the software selection, process implementation and other large implementations across multiple industries.   

Adil Khan is CEO at SafePaaS with over 15 years of experience in enterprise business systems. Adil also serves on the board of the Oracle Applications Users Group Internal Controls and Security Interest Group (OAUG-ICSSIG). Adil has authored “Governance, Risk and Compliance Handbook for Oracle Applications”. He has delivered over fifty presentations on GRC trends, best practices and case studies at many industry conferences including Gartner GRC Summit, IIA, ISACA, Collaborate, UKOUG and Oracle OpenWorld. Adil has successfully designed and implemented internal controls management systems for more than 15 global companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ. His expertise includes streamlining and automating Governance Risk and Compliance processes based on industry standards such as ERM-COSO and CoBIT.