The Policy-based Access Governance platform

Automatically detect and prevent access risks, security incidents and audit findings.

Safeguard mission-critical applications with identity access governance

Detect and prevent insider and cyber threats

SafePaaS provides a comprehensive segregation of duties solution with built-in remediation capabilities to help with real-time detection and prevention of insider threats. Ensure user access is appropriately assigned, access approvals are obtained, and the proper checks and balances are in place.

Remove bottlenecks from business operations

Quickly and easily analyze inefficiencies in your business processes enabled by a digital platform consisting of hybrid multi-cloud environments. Embed automated controls throughout your processes to reduce errors, waste and fraud.

Align execution with strategy

Discover hidden risks using advanced analytics to ensure successful outcomes. Transform your rapidly growing data into insight that mitigates risks and unlocks new opportunities.

Unify Audit, Risk and Compliance processes

Discover hidden risks using advanced analytics to ensure successful outcomes. Transform your rapidly growing data into insight that mitigates risks and unlocks new opportunities.

Detect and prevent insider and cyber threats

  • Comprehensive segregation of duties solution
  • Built-in remediation
  • Real-time detection and prevention of insider threats
  • Appropriately assigned user access
  • Proper checks and balances in place

Remove bottlenecks from business operations

  • Quickly and easily analyze inefficiencies in business processes
  • Supports hybrid multi-cloud environments
  • Automated controls throughout processes
  • Reduce errors, waste and fraud

Align execution with strategy

  • Discover hidden risks using advanced analytics
  • Transform rapidly growing data into insight
  • Mitigate risks
  • Unlock new opportunities

Unify Audit, Risk and Compliance processes

  • Effective and efficient internal controls management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Centralized, converged platform

Converged Governance Cloud Platform

Policy-based identity governance, access governance, and process governance in a single centralized advanced controls platform


We are committed to delivering the most reliable governance platform built organically from the ground up by audit, risk, governance and security experts.


SafePaaS customers have the flexibility to adjust the cloud resources consumed to discover, monitor and prevent access, security and cyber risk when required.


SafePaaS Cloud is continuously monitored against cyber threats which includes both the perimeter and core security devices to make sure that the platform is safe and compliance requirements are met. 


The platform can be adopted on-demand to address business and risk requirements.

Add products and applications as and when required

SafePaaS provides an adaptable and flexible
platform to address ALL access governance
and security needs both today and in the
future. Easy adoption and flexible plans
for immediate ROI.

Want to learn more about how to safeguard your key systems and applications? Take a look at our resource section to learn more.

Learn about the limitations of role-based identity tools

Learn how effective segregation of duties
can mitigate financial misstatement risk

Learn how to secure Oracle ERP Cloud
with effective access controls

Policies sit at the core of the SafePaaS platform

Years combined GRC Knowledge
Number of segregation of duties violations processed
Number of ERP users on our platform
Global enterprise customers
Customer Retention Rate Over 5 Years

Secure ALL identities in any ERP, any application, and any cloud infrastructure with policy-based access controls

Trusted by enterprises all over the world


Global telecommunications provider goes
beyond enabling authentication and
role-based access to achieve comprehensive
identity access governance.


Global leader in automotive manufacturing
automates the detection, mitigation, remediation,
and prevention of access risk to meet rapidly
changing technology needs, compliance
regulations, and cyber threats.

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Latin American Bank simplifies GRC by
safeguarding business-critical ERP
applications with fine-grained segregation
of duties.

Detect access
policy violations

Control financial, operational, fraud, and cyber risks. Define policies in terms of risk descriptions, impact, likelihood, and fine-grained rules that constitute discrete and fuzzy logic in terms of IT system security entitlements and privileges for governance models such as Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access, and Data Protection.

Take control of
privileged access
and over-privileged

Control privileged access across multiple systems with an independent system of record to provide an audit trail for privileged and superuser access. Enable pre-authorized users to request temporary and just-in-time access to elevated privileges in applications.


Centralize identities for all systems and applications, both on-premises and cloud-based. Ensure reliable Access Orchestration by seamlessly integrating ERP applications with IAM, IGA, and ITSM systems.

Enable Continuous

Create monitors to track changes across multiple database objects. Business-friendly reports and closed-loop workflows on configuration changes that impact business.

Enforce policies
for continuous

Control fine-grained identity access rights embedded in security roles to meet rapidly changing technology needs, compliance regulations, and cyber threats.

Streamline Access

Streamline the access review process across the entire enterprise with automated workflows. Reduce the cost of SOX compliance, mitigate cybersecurity risks, prevent control failure and findings.

Prevent Risks in
ITSM User Request

As users join the organization or change roles within it, SafePaaS rules and a policy-driven fulfilment process manages the user access rights management within business applications with integrated ITSM services.

Defend against
insider and
external threats

Automate the provisioning of the user lifecycle to manage user access effectively. Implement policy-based access controls (PBAC) to easily understand access privileges assigned to roles to proactively defend against threats.

Helping you govern your enterprise for success



Common controls framework across all business systems



Intuitive workflows to simplify complex governance needs



Streamline governance with advanced automated controls



React and respond to evolving threats and regulations in real time



Sustained performance with effective risk management

Govern the enterprise

What our customers say

We saved $10,000 per month by implementing Lifecycle Management for managing Oracle access assignments for 8 countries. Global Telecommunications Company

ROI was very high. The savings from operational expenditure over 3 years would pay for the entire SafePaaS suite. Global CX Technology Company

Who uses SafePaaS?


Simplify the audit process to reduce costs and save time. Use our comprehensive, industry-specific controls to manage, and mitigate risks. Improve operational effectiveness and ensure continuous compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR and HIPAA .


IT teams use SafePaaS to confront the incursion of identity-related access risks within their current threat landscape. They can grant system access and privileges to enforce checks and balances within business processes and systems to minimize the opportunity for unauthorized access and


Finance teams use SafePaaS’ robust segregation of duty controls to ensure financial disclosure is timely, accurate, and complete. Procurement teams leverage transaction and master data controls to reduce fraud, waste and errors.


Application owners use SafePaaS to ensure that ITGC controls are operating effectively to protect against risks in configuration change management, user access management and data integration.


Complete access orchestration of all identites

Learn how a Fortune 500 company benefitted from an all-in-one, orchestrated access governance platform to streamline and govern access in a complex, hybrid environment.

Customer success

Make policies the center of your Access Governance Strategy.