Successful Oracle ERP go-live – what to ask your SI

Oracle ERP Cloud go-live
Oracle ERP Cloud go-live

ERP implementations often miss the mark on security and compliance. This is primarily due to a lack ofclear understanding of audit and compliance by the SIs. In this session, we explore the top five most critical topics to discuss with your Systems Integrators and partners for a successful project. Systems Integrators and partners play a big role in helping organizations understand what a transition to the cloud will look like, and most customers understand that moving to the Cloud will be complex and challenging. However, implementations fail when auditors fail controls in a cloud implementation. Learn how embedding security and compliance at the beginning of a project allows you to remain current with the latest security practices and innovations, making your business not only more secure but more productive and agile.

Join our industry experts from ERP Risk Advisors and SafePaaS as they discuss the  Top 5 topics to discuss with your Systems Integrator for a successful and secure ERP Cloud go-live:

License costs

Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Access

Security and Control Design skillset

Patch process

Change orders