Hire to Retire

Improve Remuneration Governance and Regulatory Compliance


  • Ensure Human Capital Management is aligned with Strategic Organization Goals

  • Prevent violations of Time and Expense Policies

  • Monitor compliance with regional regulations such as employee data privacy

Hire to Retire

Organizations are making significant transformational changes to the Human Resource Management function to meet growing challenges of managing a wide range of human capital needs for a sustainable competitive advantage in global marketplace. As a result, the HR management teams are seeking enhanced controls for the Hire-to-Retire process to mitigate the risks through a rigorous governance, compliance and risk management approach.

SafePaaS Hire to Retire Controls enable the HR management team to align compensation and benefits with talent and business strategies to build and sustain reward effectiveness and efficiency. Our DataProbeETL™ solution provides workforce analytics to improve HR operations and workforce effectiveness, identify the impact of people issues surrounding transactions to enhance transaction value and effectiveness.

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Terminated employee is still on payroll, compare the date of termination with the pay period covered by the pay check and extract all pay transactions for departure date less than date of current pay period, Use the Expense Report Template window to define templates based on the expense report forms you regularly use in your enterprise. You can define default values for expense items, and you can then choose those items from a list of values when you enter expense reports. During Expense Report Import, Payables uses the expense item information to create invoice distributions.