Risk Free Enterprise Cloud Transformation

Risk Free Cloud Transformation

Risk Free Enterprise Cloud Transformations

Reduce cloud transformation risks, time and cost with SafePaaS cloud transformation tools and services to deploy effective security model, manage configuration changes, and enforce process controls.

Many organisations have made it a top priority to transform their business to the cloud by taking advantage of the latest enterprise applications made available by leading ERP vendors including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Workday and others.

Organisations that deploy the cloud applications to operate their business can gain key competitive advantages in finance, human capital management, customer relationship management, procurement and supply chain management areas. However, successful business transformation to modernise systems and reduce operating costs, requires complex tasks to design processes, migrate data and build security to protect it all.

Cloud offers new collaboration capabilities to organisations that can enhance business processes across functional boundaries, time zones or even beyond organisational borders. 

In this session join SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan and learn how to embrace cloud migration using the latest savvy technology and resources to discover hidden risk and scale up your business. Learn how to plan for a successful cloud transformation using the latest technologies and resources to discover hidden risk to respond to changing market conditions and help accelerate the growth of your digital business.

As businesses move to the cloud, security gets left behind. However, moving to the cloud together with SafePaaS controls can close the gap between that vulnerability and security.

We will share our latest client case study of An American upstream oil company founded and based in Dallas, Texas that controls ERP
Cloud security, configuration and transaction risk with SafePaaS.

Let us help you manage this risk and make your journey to the cloud risk free.

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