Environment, Health and Safety

Leading organizations today are focused on environment, health and safety (EH&S) specifically, and sustainability more broadly. Many organizations have also incorporated environment, health and safety issues into high level strategic objectives. Effective managers take issues around employee safety, OSHA compliance, environmental spills and releases, product stewardship, and others very seriously.

Often metrics around these areas are built into management compensation and companies have successfully established reporting structures that drive the importance of these issues all the way down to the grassroots of the company, with site-level leaders reporting into responsible corporate managers.
Despite all of these positive trends, the adoption of EH&S remains remarkably low, both in the overall adoption of the software and in the use of the software among those that have already been adopted. Many organizations do much of the heavy lifting required to effectively manage environment, health and safety issues with manual tools. These tools generally include paper based document management for compliance, spreadsheets, email, and homegrown databases; all of which can create inefficiencies, compliance risks, and maintainability nightmares.

SafePaaS Enterprise Risk Manager includes tailored functionality for EH&S risks that significantly reduces the paperwork of current employees, increases visibility, avoids future costs, and reduces the risk profile of the company. There are many business benefits of automating EH&S process such as reducing the OSHA injury frequency rate and reducing the risk of environmental incidents. EH&S dashboards enable shop floor supervisors and managers to be proactive in putting safety first and following standard procedures, as well as use mobile devices to record near misses and other incidents.