Netsuite - SafePaaS


Improve Business Performance with Application Assurance:

Here are some examples of challenges that can be solved with our Smart Controls Cloud:

  • Which Segregation of Duty (SOD) Policies will mitigate the risk in User Roles

  • Cannot use “seeded” Roles and Responsibilities because of inherent SOD conflicts

  • How to ensure that the activities of users granted “super user” responsibilities have effective compensating control

  • Why there are so many False Positives and how to remove them from your analysis

  • When all SOD incidents will be able to close

  • Functionality worked in Dev but not in Prod

  • App functionality works in old release version but not in the new release

  • App setups are changed without authorization

  • Not able to validate setups to auditor or business

  • App is no longer functioning properly and there’s no record of what changed

  • The system configuration documentation is out of date

  • Applied a patch and full impact not known

  • App customizations are lost or broken after upgrading to new release

  • Had project overruns and production downtime

  • Missed deployment milestones for rollouts and upgrades because of manual effort