Streamline compliance

OMB 123

Align internal controls to reduce compliance costs

The federal financial management community has concluded that federal managers should adhere to the same high standards expected of corporate managers. OMB has revised Circular No. A-123 to require federal agency managers to specifically, assess and report on internal control over their financial reporting. Additional OMB guidance is expected, and the requirements and dialogue on this matter will continue to evolve.

SafePaaS enables management testing as required by compliance regulations. The compliance framework can be configured for various industry and regulatory frameworks such as AML, Basel II, COSO, Cobit, FCPA, FISMA, FERC, HIPAA, NCR, OMB-123, OSHA, PCI DSS and Solvency II.

SafePaaS DataProbe™ extracts data from enterprise data sources such as SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and J D Edwards as well as internal control databases to improve testing effectiveness and findings across the enterprise in a single integrated solution. DataProbe™ collects testing samples from ERP systems and stores control evidence in the SafePaaS "hub". Interactive dashboards for real-time corrective action modeling allow business managers to explore risk exposure in an ad hoc manner.