Identity Governance for Azure AD

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Identity governance for Microsoft Azure AD

SafePaaS' cloud-native identity access governance platform advances and complements Microsoft Azure AD. Go beyond enabling authentication and role-based access and achieve comprehensive identity access governance with attribute visibility based on zero trust.

Identity management alone is not enough to control and govern access. You need policy-based access control to ensure that the identities accessing your systems are safe. 

SafePaaS' identity access governance hub for Microsoft Azure AD gives you the visibility and control your certification managers need to support your compliance, risk, and governance efforts without slowing down or putting your business at risk. SafePaaS supports SAML 2.0 meaning it is already an out-of-the-box single sign-on app with Azure. 

SafePaaS strengthens your identity access governance with:

  • Seamless integration to any enterprise and cloud applications

  • Granular user access fulfilment and de-provisioning

  • Out-of-the-box SAML 2.0 protocols for identity authentication

  • Automated policy-based access certification

  • Privileged access management

  • Policy-based access controls

  • SoD reporting and advanced analytics

  • Role simulation and management

Manage user access across the business

Managing and controlling access across your legacy and cloud applications is complicated.

Fortunately, SafePaaS has an effortless integration for Azure AD that will help you frictionlessly provision and de-provision access across all your applications and endpoints. And with fine-grained visibility into user privileges and attributes, you can be confident that your application landscape is secure and compliant. SafePaaS provides the ability to apply policies to identities by triangulating information directly from Azure and your ERP. With SafePaaS you can:

  • Control access across the entire digital landscape

  • Ensure compliance with policy-based access controls

  • Increase efficiency with automated access certification

SafePaaS integrates with Azure AD's identity services by providing automated access certifications, access fulfillment, segregation of duties assessment, role simulation and management, and closed-loop audit reporting.

Identity synchronization

To enable advanced access governance, you must first synchronize the Azure AD view of users and their access to applications with SafePaaS. APIs automatically sync with Azure AD for identity synchronization with SafePaaS.

Identity lifecycle management

Integrating SafePaaS with Azure AD enables policy-based access modifications based on employee lifecycle events like join, move, or leave across all applications. Policy-based access enforcement ensures that access is precise and never over-provisioned.

Cloud governance

SafePaaS provides a holistic view of user access to all resources across your application environment. A modern dashboard enables informed access decisions, risk detection, and policy enforcement across the business.

Policy-based access certification

Perform access certifications that combine data collected from Azure AD with privilege and attribute data from all applications and systems. SafePaaS uses DataProbeETL™ technology (proprietary ETL) to create total access visibility and provide an automated certification review process. Changes to access during the certification process are automatically recorded for audit reporting.

Segregation of duties policies enables you to prevent a toxic combination of roles and access that can lead to audit findings and security risks. SoD policies are enforced during access reviews to provide an additional layer of your security policy control.

Policy-based restrictive access 

SafePaaS' AccessPaaS™ gives you centralized governance in a decentralized application architecture. Having a policy-based governance hub allows you to control access to your systems and data across the digital landscape. SafePaaS integrates with leading vendors in the IDM space, such as Okta, and Azure AD. With AccessPaaS™, you can design restrictive access policies specific to your business. For example:

  • Prevent access to systems and data on weekends

  • Prohibit the change of supplier bank account changes without the review of a department head

  • Block payments or credit limits from exceeding a predetermined limit

  • Control toxic combinations of roles and access with segregation of duties

  • Deny access to equity products and financial products to the same user

  • Sensitive data, credit card information, bank information, social security numbers

Ensure that the right people have the proper access, governed by constraints you create for the policy. 


Clear documentation is necessary to prove compliance with regulations. You must justify administration activities, policies, and utilization during an audit and proper documentation of Azure AD (or any other IDM system) is essential to satisfy auditor requests.

SafePaaS can help you gain clear access visibility and enable risk and compliance teams to identify and reduce gaps to ensure your IDM meets all legal requirements, company guidelines, and industry standards.

Single Sign-On

SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language)

Single Sign-on is for customers that use an IDM system, like Azure AD, to enable their user’s single user ID and passwords across all their enterprise applications. SafePaaS supports industry-standard SAML protocol.

SAML works by transferring the user’s identity from one place (the identity provider) to another (the service provider). This SAML transfer is done through an exchange of digitally signed XML documents. What this means for Azure customers is that SafePaaS is already pre-configured to support your zero-trust initiatives from day one.