Control Financial Misstatement Risk

with effective segregation of duties

Just thinking about inaccuracies in financial reporting is enough to make
any finance manager sweat. And for a good reason. Inaccurate financial
reporting can have harsh consequences. Financial statements contain
essential information about your company’s soundness to leaders,
stakeholders, and investors who depend on their accuracy when making
critical management and investment decisions.

How can your enterprise protect itself from the risk of too much responsibility
residing with one person? This ebook will discuss the Segregation of
Duties (SoD) and its critical role in enabling businesses to minimize the risk
of financial misstatement.


  • What is Financial Reporting 
  • The importance of financial report accuracy
  • Prevent inaccurate reporting 
  • Best practices for segregation of duties 
  • 5 ways to mitigate financial misstatement risk
Prevent Financial Misstatement Risk