Secure Oracle E-Business Suite Ebook

Oracle E-Business Suite Role and Responsibility Access Management Solution.
Security in Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite security model can be configured to grant users access based on Responsibilities as well as Roles. In this 17-page document, we provide an overview of the Oracle security model fundamentals, describe best practices for implementing access policies and share some key capabilities in SafePaaS to help you automate user access controls management process for users granted access to Oracle E-Business Suite applications through Roles as well as Responsibilities.

Oracle Responsibilities consist of navigation menus that include sub-menus, functions and programs called “concurrent requests”. Once a user is granted access to one or more Responsibilities, she/he can access all the functions and programs within all the available menus. There are additional security attributes that can limit user access to data and functions. A key drawback of the Responsibility based security model is that it does not support data level security.

Role-based access control (RBAC) fully introduced in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 offers significant security design improvement over the Responsibilities based option by normalizing access to functions and data through user roles rather than only users. RBAC security model improves access security by controlling what a user can do on each function or sets of data under specific condition, e.g. view and edit are actions, and task flows or rows in data tables are resources.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of Oracle E-Business Suite Security Model
  • About each component of the EBS security model including:
    Responsibility Based Access Management
    Menus and Functions
    Forms, HTML, Pages and personalization
    How to set user profile options
  • Segregation of Duties Management with Role-based access controls
  • User Management with Role-based access controls
  • Role Inheritance  
  • Delegated User Management

Role based Access Management, Oracle E-Business Suite security model, best practices for implementing access policies

The guide also explains how SafePaaS access controls management solution helps secure your Oracle E-Business Suite environment.

SafePaaS is a trusted Access Platform-as-a-Service (AccessPaaS™) available in the Cloud for the Modern Digital Enterprise Access Management for Any App, Any Device and Any Data Source. You can configure the security model for any application data source to enable central access management. The security snapshot is extracted and analyzed for access policy compliance. The solution includes pre-configured security model for popular enterprise applications including Oracle E-Business Suite Roles and Responsibilities, PeopleSoft, J D Edwards, SAP, Microsoft and Workday.

The solution includes a comprehensive Rules Repository, Reviewed by all the major audit firms. It includes over 250 access rules for Oracle E-Business Suite, covering over 2,500 access points. Additionally, you also have access to 1,000+ objects to monitor EBS configuration and transactions based on user defined rules that ensure effective process controls throughout the enterprise. You can deploy SafePaaS within days to detect access risks in Oracle EBS applications and rapid remediate risks with built-in Security Model Simulation. Rules driven role design and user assignment tools simulate corrective actions to reduce policy violations. Approved actions can be automatically executed within Oracle EBS to streamline the remediation process. 

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