Top Feature Mass Update Exceptions in Policy Manager

Top Feature Mass Update Exceptions In Policy Manager

Organizations often require Segregation of Duties policy “waivers” for certain users such as IT support staff, service accounts for API integration, Robots and remote business units with limited users.  The Mass Update feature enables users to close the violations for such users and roles for all or some SoD policies by selecting the rules and applying to users and roles. This capability minimizes the effort to maintain exceptions by using the mass update exceptions feature.

For those customers using AccessPaaS™ Policy Manager the following feature ranks third on our Top Ten most used features list. 

Mass Update Exceptions

Step 1. Click on “Manage Violations” link from Menu Task List. This will navigate to “Manage Violations” page.

Manage Violations

Step 2. Click on the Mass Update Exception, which is seen at the right corner of the page. This will navigate to “Mass Update Exception for Rule”. Mass Update Exception for Rule. Select the required rules and click on “next” button.

Manage violations

Step 3. Click on the arrow icon. This will move the selected rules to the right side of shuttle.

Manage violations

Step 4. Click on Next button this will navigate the selected rules to “Request for Mass Update Rules” page.

Mass update rules

Step 5. Click on Next, this will navigate to “Mass Update Exceptions” page. Select the required exception type from select list.

Mass update exceptions

Step 7. Click on NEXT this will navigate to “Mass Update Exception for Conflict Responsibility” page.

Mass update exception

Step 8. Click on this will navigate to “Conflict Summary Report for Responsibility” page.

Conflict summary report

Click on Send the rules for marking as Exception by Responsibility.

“Exception marking process for responsibility will be sent to workflow process. Those rules will be approved by owner in inbox screen.”

When the user clicks on the button, this will navigate to scope exception which loses all of the exceptions that were marked earlier. (All exceptions will be lost)

Mass update
If the user clicks the button this will navigate to the “Manage Violations” Page (Rules will not be marked in exception process).
Mass update

If the user clicks on the “No” button, they will be diverted back to the “Conflict Summary Report” page (Rules to marked in exception process)

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