Policy-based Access Lifecycle Management

Policy-based Access Lifecycle Management

Digitalization and the constant evolution of business and IT landscapes together with the increased adoption of hybrid work models, hundreds of cloud applications along with legacy on-premise applications have materially increased the risks in user access request management.

Organizations with complex enterprise systems, require Identity Life Cycle Management solutions to control access for onboarding employees, contractors, and third parties.  Any change to work assignments, or departures from the organization requires immediate updates to security privileges in compliance with access governance policies to ensure users only have access to what they need while removing access they don’t need. Policy-based access management also improves user productivity while preventing unauthorized users from accessing business-critical systems.

iAccess™ automates the Identity Life Cycle Management processes for organizations seeking to improve productivity, agility, and responsiveness.  It can be deployed as a self-service access request management solution to ensure that user access service requests are managed in a streamlined manner. It can also be integrated to receive access requests from a wide variety of methods and sources such as ITSM and IDM systems. It reduces IT help desk costs and errors by efficiently managing the volumes of access service requests by enabling an integrated, process-based, best practice framework for managing access request services, which specifies that along with the service desk, service requests must be managed by the request fulfillment process.

SafePaaS iAccess™ solution includes advanced flexible options to empower users to streamline their workflows to provision users and identities according to policy-based access controls. Management can gain real-time fine-grained visibility into user and identity behavior across the entire enterprise.

Provisioning All Users According to Policy
Why SafePaaS iAccess™?

SafePaaS enables your Security and IT teams to:

SafePaaS ensures that provisioning requests are checked against SoD policies before allowing role assignment. Exceptions that require management approval are processed via workflow notifications to obtain electronic approval from authorized supervisors. Utilize iAccess™ User Provisioning during ERP implementations or upgrades to help your process owners establish and assign roles without violating application access controls by pre-testing new or revised user security models.

What are the Key Benefits of using SafePaaS solutions?

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