iAccess - Self Service Identity Based Fine Grained User Provisioning
Flexible, Self-service user access solution

iAccess - User provisioning Software

Provisioning All Users According to Policy

  • Enable Policy Based Self Service User Access Request Mangement
  • Improve Your Compliance Audit Trail
  • Reduce the Risk of Internal Fraud
  • Prevent Segregation of Duties risks and on-going remediation costs as new users are on-boarded.
  • Reduce helpdesk workload, eliminate manual steps and improve provisioning time with integrated user request management.
  • Lower the cost of compliance and audit fees by ensuring that all security privileges assigned to users have a multi-level approval audit trail of user access requests.

What is iAccess User provisioning Software Service?

iAccess enables self service application access request management and it ensures that each provisioning request is checked against access policies before allowing privileges are granted. Exceptions that require management approval are processed via workflow notifications to obtain electronic approval from authorized supervisors.

SafePaaS iAccess Provisioning Software Service enables you to ensure that all user provisioning requests proceed according to your Segregation of Duties (SOD) and Restrictive Access policies.

Safeguard your systems against fraud and maintain an audit trail in compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget Circular A-123, Bill 198 in Canada, and the UK Bribery Law.


Why SafePaaS iAccess?

  • Lower cost of the provisioning process leveraging automation and formalized process across multiple applications
  • Eliminate manual processes that often take hours to perform
  • Complete audit trail of all reviewers and approvers status and updates
  • Prevent introducing Segregation of Duties violations into the ERP with new users or additional access
  • Reduce audit effort and risk to ensure compliance with fine-grained controls

SafePaaS enables your Security and IT teams to:

  • Consistently apply Access/SOD policies to all roles
  • Electronically approve and verify exceptions
  • Maintain universal access security compliance

SafePaaS web-based ERP Access Monitor Software Service ensures that provisioning requests are checked against SOD policies before allowing role assignment. Exceptions that require management approval are processed via workflow notifications to obtain electronic approval from authorized supervisors. Utilize iAccess User Provisioning services during ERP implementations or upgrades to help your process owners establish and assign roles without violating application access controls by pre-testing new or revised user security models.

What are the Key Benefits of using SafePaaS solutions?

Establish an integrated application control framework to ease the management of monitoring business application risks through automated controls.
Lower the cost of compliance and audit fees with an automated solution that monitors and manages application risks, controls, and security.
Lower the cost of remediation using tools and methodology for the following: 
User Certification to periodically validate access
Automated user provisioning to prevent violations before deployment
Tools to address ERP changes for roles management
Improve business processes by understanding areas of application risks through monitoring controls:
Reduce and recover financial leakage by detecting unwanted transactions
Improve cash flow by detecting settings that cause loss
Make processes more efficient by detecting problematic exceptions