Roles Manager™

Make roles management easy

Ensure policy compliance before deploying user access

Poor role design is the root cause of many access controls failures and segregation of duties violations in ERP systems.

SafePaaS Roles Manager is an application security design tool that contains a pre-configured catalog of roles, which comply with access policies for Segregation of Duty (SOD) and restrictive data access. You can use this tool to view existing role templates and design new roles by easily selecting or deselecting role configurations. Once the roles design is complete using workflows, it can be sent to pre-assigned reviewers and approvers to finalize the roles. The role preparers, reviewers and approvers can also assess the SOD control risks before finagling the roles. Furthermore, these can be combined into composite roles that will match job responsibilities and comply with SOD policies. Our ERP Roles catalog contains Roles by ERP module and typical access requirements for those modules such as Manager, Supervisor, Clerk, Inquiry, Business Setup and IT Setup.  

That’s where SafePaaS Roles Manager™ can help.

Benefits of Roles Manager™ include:

Ensure policy compliance and mitigate security threats before deploying user access

Improve user productivity and mitigate enterprise information risks

Streamline and control user-provisioning process

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