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Who are we?

SafePaaS is a leading global provider of digital risk management solutions that help organizations efficiently monitor internal controls, intelligently manage risks, and optimally execute business processes to gain strategic advantage. SafePaaS is the solution for secure, rapid and trusted information management in the cloud and on-premise applications. SafePaaS’s proven risk and controls management domain expertise and software services enable companies to leverage information technology investment and turn cybersecurity risk management challenges into business performance. Our multi-platform capabilities allow us to work with Oracle EBS, Oracle ERP Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics... SafePaaS serves clients in the US with an international presence in the United Kingdom, Technology Solution Center in India and Argentina and solution partners located on every continent.

SafePaaS offers many career opportunities and a unique workplace for experienced professionals who have a passion for delivering successful results to our clients. We seek self-motivated individuals that can excel in both a team-based environment and in a flat matrix organization. We recognize every employee’s individual unique talents, skills and goals and we don’t “pigeon-hole” them with corporate titles.

SafePaaS values govern the behaviour and attitude of our employees. Our core values include mutual trust, passion for team success, respect for the individual, open communication, hard work, and employee ownership. We strive to attract and retain the best employees that fit our core values.

The SafePaaS Compensation Plan is designed to meet the individual career path of each employee. Employees can choose between full-time salary or hourly rates per project. Our employees can also participate in a profit sharing plan that rewards them based on their performance and contribution to the company goals. SafePaaS Benefits include comprehensive health benefits, a 401K plan and paid time off (PTO).
Employee Career Path

Stand with Integrity - You can hang your hat on it!

  • We conduct all business activities truthfully and we follow through on our commitments
  • Get Ahead with Strong Work Ethics   – No Slack in our rope!
  • We perform all our work timely, completely, and accurately to consistently deliver high quality results  
  • Improve with Ideas – Be smart as a whip!
  • We continuously improve and innovate all aspects of our business by putting team members ideas to work
  • Communicate clearly and continuously – Y ’all speak your mind!
  • We encourage open, plain, frank, and frequent communication among all our people
  • Let’s make it fun for all - It’s not chopping woods!
  • We make work fun and exciting by enabling our team members to work in creative, collaborative, and matrixed teams from anywhere, with personal goal settings to suite the life balance.
  • Earn Rewards with Results – Run with the big dogs!
  • We reward our team members for achieving team performance objectives which are measured by Client Success, Revenue Growth, Profit Margins, and Good Governance

People at SafePaaS work as a TEAM to nurture a place of work that:

  • Expects integrity, strong work ethics and mutual respect.
  • Rewards for achieving team performance objectives including Customer Success, Business Solutions, Profitable Growth, and Risk Management.

SafePaaS Careers provide our employees the opportunity to develop a career plan that best fits their talents, skills and personal goals by contributing to many different areas of the organization. Our career-development approach offers our employees limitless professional growth opportunities as they continuously expand their knowledge and skills.

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Oracle Database Administrator