The Policy-based
Access Governance Platform

Automatically Detect and Prevent Audit Findings, Access Risks and Security Incidents. 

The Policy-based
Access Governance Platform

Automatically Detect and Prevent Audit Findings, Access Risks and Security Incidents. 

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We are committed to delivering the most reliable risk management platform-as-a-service built from the ground up.


SafePaaS customers have the flexibility to adjust the cloud resources consumed to discover, monitor and prevent risk based on business needs.


SafePaaS Cloud is continuously monitored against cyber threats which includes both the perimeter and core security devices to make sure that the platform is safe and compliance requirements are met. 

Meet SafePaaS


We have been delivering audit, risk and compliance solutions for the world’s leading organizations since 2004. Understanding the risk challenges businesses face along with a passion to deliver not only innovative solutions but real outcomes is what makes an increasing number of customers choose SafePaaS.

Our team is renowned for our deep domain expertise along with unmatched experience and lasting legacy in the Oracle governance, risk and compliance space.

Our ability to build and deliver scalable, agile risk management solutions that help enterprises address risk challenges across the entire business both now and in the future, are what make SafePaaS the preferred choice for those organizations that truly care about risk.

Creating a Safe Enterprise isn’t easy. That’s why we built the SafePaaS platform that not only identifies, but remediates, monitors, and automates hidden risk in your organization.

Our platform allows you to check your systems for hidden risk. You can automatically find areas where there are risks in systems access and security by leveraging our Segregation of Duties Insight

If there are violations, SafePaaS leverages automated solutions to fix these.

You can leverage the SafePaaS platform to automate provisioning, for Access Certification and Role Management

Customers can then monitor the transaction systems – essentially preventing these problems from happening in the future. This monitoring can also be used to check for other areas of risk and inefficiency within the ERP and other systems.

This monitoring can be coupled with SafePaaS’ embedded workflow engine to automate processes and simplify operations.

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Manage Systems Risk?

There are inherent risks in running an ERP system. Some involve hacking and cyber intrusions from competitors and external entities. Others involve fraud from vendors, contractors and customers.

Some employees resort to theft, who, by the nature of their jobs, have access to crucial systems and information. Finally, there’s a risk that as humans, we make mistakes. We process transactions inaccurately leading to lost profits and poor system performance.

At SafePaaS, we care about all of these risks – whether they originate in malice or are simply the consequence of employee turnover. Our goal is to provide a platform that allows you to leverage the incredible capabilities of your ERP system and minimize the time you spend worrying about every person, every transaction, every posting and every process. That’s why we built this software.

Trusted by enterprises all over the world

We want to help you manage systems risk and improve efficiency across the entire organization.

Why SafePaaS?

Our Story

Read why the world’s leading organizations trust SafePaaS

SafePaaS was born out of a simple vision to safeguard commerce so businesses succeed, people prosper and communities flourish. Over the last 17 years, SafePaaS has built an enterprise platform from the ground up and created a unique, scalable offering for ERP customers to make this happen.

SafePaaS blends deep risk management expertise with innovative technology and state-of-the-art security to protect organizations from risk.

Our approachable team and scalable solutions make it easy for you to get started and grow your business with us.

Industry Leading Software

100% Cloud application based on Oracle technology which allows ERP customers to manage systems risk and improve efficiency across the entire organization.

Highly Scalable

Forward-thinking cloud provider that adheres to strenuous industry requirements to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise customers.

Powerful Solutions

A complete set of robust products that allow you to eliminate risk from your business-critical applications

Success Stories

Project Manager Global Telecommunications Organization

We saved $10,000 per month by implementing iAccess™ in the business for managing Oracle access assignments for 8 countries.

Senior Manager US Customer Experience and Services Organization

We saved a minimum of $200-300,000 on audit costs annually and made a saving of $250,000 every year on IT, audit and, business costs from using SafePaaS.

Deep Sachdeva Senior Product Owner NRMA

SafePaaS not only helped in getting us SoD compliant but also assisted in implementing the solution. We had 26,000 violations during our Proof of Concept which has now reduced to a minimal. Implementation of SafePaaS AccessPaaS™ helped NRMA to achieve our objective to remain in control related to SoD.

Brian O’Neil Founder and CEO Appssurance

Appssurance excited to partner with SafePaaS to expand our capabilities delivering industry-leading risk advisory solutions to our global clients. The comprehensive and integrated cross-platform solutions from SafePaaS will undoubtedly help our clients proactively manage and mitigate risks while reducing their overall cost of compliance.

Senior Manager US Customer Experience and Services Organization

We use Policy Manager™ for Segregation of Duties and after using the tool had no violations. We are able to streamline the access provisioning with SafePaaS workflow capabilities. The SoD analytics and built-in reports work like a charm.

Project Manager Global Telecommunications Organization

ROI was very high. The savings from operational expenditure over 3 years would pay for the entire SafePaaS suite of products.

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