Our Story - Meet our Founder

Helping prevent another Enron Disaster.

Adil Khan grew up on the East Coast of the United States but moved to Texas in his early childhood. It was here in Texas where he became passionate about helping organizations prevent financial misstatement risk. Back in 2001 after the collapse of Enron, Adil witnessed first-hand how friends and family were impacted by the scandal that caused Enron to finally file for bankruptcy. This got him thinking how technology risks can impact the real world and have drastic consequences on communities. There was a need for technology to audit systems. This is when he founded the very successful FulcrumWay –  the leading consulting company and Oracle’s premier go-to-partner for governance, risk and compliance. Working with the world’s largest organizations and start-ups including Facebook, Sketchers, GE, Motorola and Gilead, Adil and the FulcrumWay team, including Robert Enders and Jane Jones, led the way for helping enterprises mitigate risk in financial systems. They travelled the world from Australia to Dubai  to New York and everywhere in between training Oracle partners themselves on the GRC products. They sat in the offices of social media giants in Sillicon Valley and many Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Adil even wrote a book on the subject, “The Governance, Risk and Compliance Handbook for Oracle Applications” and then realised that the problem was much bigger and much more complex. 

Adil wanted to go even further and play a part in transforming audit to help prevent future Enron disasters – this is when he founded SafePaaS. He wanted to build a platform from the ground up that helps organizations truly mitigate risk across the entire organization. 

With the help of original FulcrumWay team members and industry veterans Robert Enders and Jane Jones, and the incorporation of Hennie Vermeulen who ran a successful J.D. Edwards company, this vision became reality. Jane, with her proven track record at FulcrumWay took the message to market and made organizations think about the way they approached GRC in ERP systems. Robert, the problem-solver, delivered innovative solutions to the world’s most complex organizations and Hennie designed and built a leading platform that is used by the auditors themselves as well as global enterprises and household brands to accomplish our goal of truly reducing risk in commerce.    

For over 25 years Adil and the SafePaaS team have been helping the world’s leading organizations all over the world (BAE Systems, Hertz, Barrick Gold, Screen Actors Guild, National Oilwell Varco, Stanford University to name a few)  with their complex business requirements and risk management needs. They have worked with hundreds of publicly traded companies to help management improve SOX compliance process, perform top-down risk assessments, evaluate internal controls, performed gap analysis of risks and controls and provided recommendations to close gaps in key processes. The team is laser-focused on delivering a platform that ensures customers can maintain complete and continuous visibility into access policy compliance and user access control activities across enterprise-wide systems.

The team are renowned experts with exceptional knowledge and deep roots in the ERP risk management space. Our passion and commitment to organizations in helping them protect and safeguard their most valuable assets is truly unmatched in the industry.