Oracle GRC Support is ending

Oracle GRC is ending

Oracle GRC limited sustaining support

End of Oracle GRC

If your organisation uses Oracle GRC (Oracle GRC Advanced Controls), please be aware that support is ending *May 2021. Oracle will no longer be fully supporting nor enhancing Governance, Risk and Compliance releases.

*July 9 2020 Update Oracle has updated their support notice to state, "For Governance, Risk and Compliance releases, Severity 1 fixes will be provided during Sustaining Support through May 2025."

Oracle GRC Software Premier and Extended Support has ended and Oracle is no longer selling these products.

Products such as Application Access Controls Governor (AACG), Configuration Controls Governor (CCG), Preventive Controls Governor (PCG) and Transaction Controls Governor (TCG) are under the indefinite "Sustaining Support" "Governance, Risk and Compliance Severity 1 fixes will be provided during Sustaining Support through *May 2021." Oracle states "Please see the Oracle Technical Support Policies document for terms and details."

*Updated to 2025. Please continue to consult the Oracle documentation for updates to support notices. 

You can find more details on Oracle's Application Support Policies here. (See page 69) and Technical Support Policies (see page 8)

If you are concerned about Oracle GRC very limited support, SafePaaS can help you with next steps. Our Oracle GRC experts can help you discuss your concerns and options as well as equip you with everything you need to know now that support is ending. We are happy to discuss with you what this really means as an Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance user/owner to help you plan for the future. Having implemented Oracle GRC for hundreds of clients around the world, our team has unmatched knowledge in the space to help you make the right decisions moving forward.

*For updates on sustaining support dates for Oracle GRC releases please read the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Applications document p69

Oracle GRC Event - everything you need to know

SafePaaS has put together a special event for all Oracle GRC customers to help them understand their options moving forward. This 4-part virtual event gives you access to industry leaders who witnessed the beginnings of GRC and can equip you with everything you need to know about GRC and beyond to take your business to new heights.

Why Advanced Controls Are Needed for ERP systems 

Join Nigel King who bought the first of the GRC products to market for Oracle, Oracle GRC thought leaders Brian O'Neil from Appssurance, and Jannie Wentzel and author of the GRC Handbook for Oracle Applications Adil Khan. 

Everything Oracle Customers need to know about the evolution of software that manages and automates Governance, Risks and Compliance controls.

You really can Keep Oracle GRC After Development Ceases Product Updates

Key business considerations and periodic maintenance tasks required to continue using Oracle GRC - RACI Matrix of GRC duties organisations will need to support internally. 

This session explains:

•Understanding Current State of Support for Oracle GRC 

•Options for meeting current and future GRC requirements 

•Specific things that need to be addressed in order to continue to use Oracle GRC with EBS (Licensing, GRC Management, GRC Infrastructure, Accounting duties, Audit duties) 

•Checklist which details the specific processes, activities and tools you will need to continue using Oracle GRC 

How to build a Long-term Strategy for GRC Requirements – Today and Tomorrow

How to Control Business Risk in Enterprise Applications with or without Oracle GRC software
Six-step Methodology to Execute on System Controls Across the Organization

How SafePaaS Customers can extend GRC Controls to the Enterprise
12-month plan to leverage SafePaaS software throughout the organization

We recommend you attend these events if you use/own Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance in order to fully understand what your options are going forward.

Oracle GRC no longer being supported

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