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Oracle GRC Alternative by the team that wrote the "Governance, Risk and Compliance Handbook for Oracle Applications."


Learn how many Oracle customers are replacing Oracle GRC with SafePaaS. 

Oracle E-Business Suite customer upgrades Segregation of Duties controls from on-premise Oracle GRC to SafePaaS Cloud.

One of the largest suppliers of ultraviolet light sources globally, based in California, deployed SafePaaS to control segregation of duties risk in Oracle EBS as part of the migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The organization was challenged with on-premise infrastructure costs to maintain legacy Oracle GRC software with limited support, lack of updates and enhancements. The decision to upgrade to SafePaaS was driven by the need to modernize the enterprise access risk management capabilities to a next-generation GRC platform for increased visibility and agility to respond quickly to changing ERP user access control needs and emerging digital threats. The option to migrate Oracle GRC to OCI was rejected because it would require an army of consultants for several months to integrate Oracle GRC with the latest release of Oracle EBS on OCI, whereas, SafePaaS option required only two weeks at no additional consulting costs to complete the migration of SOD controls from Oracle AACG to SafePaaS. By moving to a modern governance platform such as SafePaaS, Oracle customers are able to streamline their audit, risk and compliance requirements, mitigate segregation of duties risk with increased reporting capabilities , including drill-down dashboards, and workflow capability.

Dashboards for risk management

Having helped hundreds of Oracle customers over the years, SafePaaS (formerly FulcrumWay) provides unmatched expertise, success and knowledge in the Oracle GRC space. 

The customer runs Oracle EBS 12.1.2 and wanted a quick and easy way to ‘lift and shift’ the AACG rules to the cloud without losing them.

SafePaaS took approximately 6 weeks to fully integrate the customer on our platform without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The customer is now live on our platform, with complete visibility into their systems.

If you plan to stay on Oracle EBS, SafePaaS can help you:

Import Access controls from Oracle Access Controls (AACG) to SafePaaS Access Rules

Map Oracle change controls (CCG) Snapshots and Change Trackers to SafePaaS Configuration Monitors

Transfer Oracle Transaction Controls (TCG) to SafePaaS Transaction Monitors

Replace Oracle Preventive Controls (PCG) with SafePaaS Process Workflows

If you are planning on migrating to Oracle ERP Cloud or have already done so SafePaaS can help you figure out where you are with your current controls by performing a complete risk and controls health check. We have had 2 Oracle ERP Cloud “go lives” recently, one in The Netherlands and another in Singapore, both organizations using our AccessPaaS™ suite to protect their business-critical applications.

SafePaaS lives on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) allowing our customers to take full advantage of Oracle’s security, architecture, and access to Oracle’s global network.

For a consultation to talk about your own circumstances we are here to help. Please contact bob.enders@safepaas.com or jane.jones@safepaas.com

In brief:

Our customer

Oracle EBS running legacy GRC
US organization based in California
Largest supplier of ultraviolet light sources
Uses Okta for Identity Management


Limited support for legacy GRC software, lack of software updates and enhancements
No Entitlement updates to Access Points
Offline analysis in Excel for Control violations
No reports to review ERP security
No dashboards
Limited preventive controls functionality


AccessPaaS™ Access Governance 


Periodic updates for access points
Segregation of Duties and ERP security Analytics
Modern drill-down dashboards and configurable reports
Workflow enabled corrective actions with compensating controls
Accelerated role remediation with simulation and auto-configurations
Configurable multi-level request workflow to prevent violations
Periodic user certification with access activity log

To discuss this case study and many others in more detail to see how we can help your organization upgrade Oracle GRC now that support is going away, you can contact us here