Control user provisioning with risk-aware access management.

Automate user provisioning
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Control and manage user provisioning with risk-aware access management

As organizations adopt hybrid work models and become more complex, taking a smart approach to access management especially in ERP systems is critical to truly mitigating risk. Traditional IGA solutions work at such a high-level, they can’t look into certain controls such as preventive segregation of duties that are needed to mitigate not only access and transaction risk but operational, reputational and financial misstatement risk.

Identities are moving beyond humans, applications are no longer solely on premise, employees are rapidly adopting hybrid work models. The identity access management landscape is changing and fast. The need for dynamic, flexible access management is crucial for organizations to succeed in face-paced digital environments.

Enterprises need to be able to give the right access to the right people at the right time. Gone are the days when role-based access provisioning was sufficient. Today’s complex businesses need agile PBAC to address challenges not only today but tomorrow. Policy-based access controls, risk-aware access management is required to mitigate risk and provide value to business in a timely fashion.

Forward-thinking organizations are turning to modern IGA solutions for complex ERP systems such as SafePaaS iAccess™. iAccess™ provides transparency into users as well as evidence of compliance using policy-based access controls with a compete audit trail.

Benefits of iAccess™

  • Enforce least-privilege to protect sensitive data in business-critical systems
  • Dynamic policy-based access controls for segregation of duties mitigation and compliance
  • Self-service, automated access provisioning eliminating access request costs and manual tasks
  • Clean up users with too much access – remove orphan accounts, decrease risk of entitlement creep, rogue accounts…
  • Enforce zero-trust principals
  • Accelerate security design decision-making
  • Automate processes for increased efficiency
  • Real-time visibility to mitigate risk in a timely manner

iAccess™ provides a complete view of access risk across your ERP and business-critical application landscape allowing businesses to focus on what really matters without having to worry about risk and compliance.

An increasing number of customers are implementing iAccess™ to complement their existing IGA solutions to mitigate risk in complex ERP systems and specialized applications such as Hyperion and Coupa.

Watch the power of SafePaaS

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