SafePaaS Configuration Monitor

Application Lifecycle Management - Configuration Monitor

Reduce Application Management Costs and Monitor IT Controls

  • Ensure integrity of business application configuration
  • Monitor IT General Controls (ITGC) change management policies
  • Reduce Application Lifecycle Management costs

SafePaaS ERP Configuration Controls Monitor enables you to mitigate financial and operational risks by ensuring accuracy, and consistency of application configurations required for processing business transaction within your ERP system.

You can monitor the accuracy of system configuration by benchmarking the setups against the SafePaaS Controls Catalog, which contains thousands of critical configuration descriptions and recommended options. You can also detect system misconfigurations against the baseline setup for each ERP module approved by management.

Configuration Monitor ensures the consistency of ERP configuration by identifying variation in setups that often occur in ERP systems simply because the user changes key setup values such as Journal source for posting entries in the General Ledger or setup parameter for 3-way match in Payables module. The Configuration Monitor can also help maintain timeliness of application setup changes required when you upgrade the ERP system or deploy to new business units.

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Create monitors that track changes across multiple database objects and provide business-friendly reports and closed-loop workflows on configuration changes that impact business. This enables owners of business controls to respond to risk events by understanding the impact of the configuration change in the EPR system based on a clear description of the control objective.

Application Lifecycle Management - SafePaaS enables Auditors, Business Control Owners and IT Administrators:

  • Assess business process risks based on ERP configuration controls
  • Detect violations of IT change management governance policies
  • Mitigate risks of inaccurate, inconsistent and untimely configuration management
What is Application Lifecycle Management?

Application lifecycle management is an IT Governance practice to control the implementation,
deployment and maintenance of software applications. ALM includes all phases of the application
phases including requirements definition, solution design, configuration management, customizations,
testing, maintenance, change management, integration, project management, and release

As businesses extend processes globally, enabled by ERP applications, the management of IT Controls across various sites is difficult and resource-intensive for large enterprises. SafePaaS provides a centralized Cloud based IT Controls platform which includes application change management services that improve security and configuration controls for system maintenance at a relatively low cost. In addition, application deployments to new business units, release updates and even re-implementations of various applications can be tracked for quality assurance and risk mitigation, which enhances the business results and response time.

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