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AccessPaaS: Detect access policy violations. Remediate inherent risk in ERP roles and security configurations. Prevent access policy violations with self service workflow-enabled user processing process. Monitor user access, including “fire fighters” and obtain periodic certification of user access from managers.

MonitorPaaS: Ensure the consistency of ERP configuration by identifying variation in setups that often occur in ERP systems simply because the user changes key setup values. Maintain timeliness of application setup changes required when you upgrade the ERP system or deploy to new business units. Investigate transaction errors within ERP systems that do not comply with governance polices, regulatory requirements, or business performance objectives. For example, Duplicate Supplier Payments, Split-POs, Journal Entries in closed periods. Maintain controls over master data such as Supplier Bank Accounts, Customer Credits and Employee Salary.


The trial includes demo data from all popular ERP data sources to help you effectively evaluate SafePaaS advanced analytics and control management capabilities without the need to load your ERP data. We also offer Proof-of-Concept to qualified ERP customers to load and analyze data from a live data source under the Terms of Use agreement.