SafePaaS Risk Management

Mitigate Risk in PeopleSoft

SafePaaS Mitigates Supply Chain Risks and Improves Compliance with Change Management Controls in PeopleSoft to Improve patient care and control cost.

Who is our client?

Our client is a faith-based, non-profit healthcare organisation in the US. The organization's health care network consists of some 80 general hospitals, along with a dozen long-term care, acute care, rehabilitation, and psychiatric hospitals (combined, more than 17,500 beds).

What did SafePaaS do to secure their PeopleSoft environment?

Large nationwide PeopleSoft  implementations of HCM, Financials, Supply Chain and Self- Service for over 110,000 people.

What were their challenges?

•The organization did not have a change management tool to govern configuration changes within and between environments and releases.

•There were multiple compliance requirements around data governance including SOX, HIPAA, and ITIL.

•There was a lack of Process Controls in Supply Chain

•The organization was heavily reliant on Excel to CI, Data Mover Scripts, and Conversion Loads for configuration.

•Ongoing IT General Controls

What was the solution?

SafePaaS Change Management Controls

What were the successes achieved using SafePaaS Change Management Controls?

Simple, low-cost, and scalable ‘develop-to-deploy’ solution.

Utilization of configuration snapshots to maintain design documentation.

Ability to produce clear and comprehensive audit trails and comparisons between environments.

Real-time change tracking and alerts.

MonitorPaaS™ Objects enabled metadata to meet all configuration management requirements.

Use and sustainment of process flows and procedures.

Support model was created to manage change controls.

Comprehensive audit trail available to allow for automated control testing. 

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