Secure Access :: Any Device :: Any Datasource

AccessPaaS™ is the Trusted Access Platform-as-a-Service Available in the Cloud for the Modern Digital Enterprise

Access Management for Any App, Any Data Source

Configure the security model for any application data source to enable central access management. The security snapshot is extracted and analyzed for access policy compliance. The solution includes pre-configured security model for popular enterprise applications including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle ERP Cloud, PeopleSoft, J D Edwards, SAP, NetSuite, Workday and Salesforce.

Comprehensive Rules Repository, Reviewed by Major Audit Firms

Over 200 access rules covering over 1,500 access points. Additional 1,000+ configuration and transaction rules for popular enterprise applications tested by audit firms including the Big 4.

Rapid Risk Remediation with Security Model Simulation

Rules driven role design and user assignment tools simulate corrective actions to reduce policy violations. Approved actions can be automatically executed to streamline the remediation process.

Centralized Audit Trail

A key benefit of identity and access management is the centralized recording of all user management and log in activities. AccessPaaS™ audit trail records all user changes and activities, which can be used for powerful statistics or retroactive forensics.

Secure Single Sign-on with Active Directory Integration

Fast access to all cloud apps as well as on premise apps behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. Our policy-driven security and multi-factor authentication ensure that only authorized users get access to sensitive data. Changes in active directory are synchronized to downstream applications continuously, providing you with an effective enterprise wide access control to minimize cybersecurity risks.

Start Using in Hours, Control Access Risk in Days

Register online at to view complete rules repository. Connect to your application data-source to identify violations against the selected rules. Analyze results and prepare audit.

Flexible Subscription Pricing

Subscribe to the on-demand option to run a one-time scan or sign-up for the continuous monitoring option to detect, remediate and prevent access risk around the clock.

Unique Profile based Device Management

AccessPaaS™ allows the user to enrol an access device such as laptop, desktop, mobile phone and tablet with a Cloud Directory and creates a secure profile on the device that can only be accessed with individual AccessPaaS™ Cloud Directory credentials. Once in the new secure profile, the user can access web and desktop apps at will without entering credentials again. In other words, once the user is logged into their device, they won’t need to log in again to access AccessPaaS™ and SAML- enabled cloud and on-premise apps.


The complete Access Management Solution for all major ERP systems, includes:

Access Policy Manager :: Segregation of Duties (SoD) Policy Management

Roles Manager :: Address user security :: Role Design

iAccess™ :: Identity Governance and Administration. Self Service Identity Based Access Provisioning 

Access Monitor:: Periodic User Certification

SOD Scanner :: Assess Segregation of Duty Risk

SOD SCANNER™ is a low-cost solution to rapidly assess segregation of duties risk within all the major ERP systems, Oracle E-Business Suite, J D Edwards, PeopleSoft and Oracle ERP Cloud, NetSuite, Workday, PeopleSoft…

SOD SCANNER produces test results in just minutes by utilizing the SafePaaS comprehensive risk repository, which includes one of the largest collection of SoD Rules, also used by major audit firms. Simply run the SOD SCANNER against your enterprise applications to detect all violations for the selected rules to identify hidden SoD conflicts. View results using advanced analytics that eliminate False Positives and accelerates the remediation process. Accurate control evidence collected by SOD SCANNER can be shared with process owners, application managers, IS Security and auditors.

No software, hardware, installation or configuration is needed for SOD SCANNER. You get immediate access to SoD Rules for your enterprise application. Upload a snapshot for your application security model using DataProbe™, the SafePaaS ERP Snapshot tool, to get the job done without costly software, hardware or technical resources.


Fine-Grained IDM :: Anticipate and defend against cyber threats

With the adoption of Social, Cloud and Mobile SafePaaS is pioneering this unchartered, and unregulated world where cyber security risk is increasing. Standard ERP security is no longer sufficient to safeguard against data breaches, theft, fraud, sabotage and other security threats. User access request process in many ERP Applications is inefficient and inconsistent where users are granted access without necessary policy checks and approvals. Therefore, organizations are rapidly adopting identity management systems to enable the policy-based centralized orchestration of user identity governance and access control. Fine Grained IDM by SafePaaS provides a crucial component to identity management systems allowing security teams to better anticipate and defend against cyber security threats in their ERP systems by using deep learning AI to find hidden risks. SafePaaS Fine Grained Controls consistently enforce access policy such as segregation of duty rules before violations get introduced into the ERP environment, controlling sensitive business information to potential threats and vulnerabilities.


FireFighter ID™ :: Control super-user access :: Privileged Access Management

A consistent, compliant, secure process for controlling super-user access across multiple systems with independent system of record to prevent audit-trail manipulation. Provides a complete audit trail of all super-user activities with no performance impact or overhead to the target application. Tracks old and new values to detect suspicious activity.

What makes us different?

Complete Access Management solution

SOD monitoring and management. Remediation tools for roles design and user certification Flexible user provisioning to ensure control and auditability of ERP access granted to users.

Supports major ERP’s

Oracle EBS, Oracle ERP Cloud, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Microsoft, Workday, NetSuite also allowing cross-application control validation.

Complete focus​

SafePaaS offers complete focus on IT and application security software solutions.


Rapid setup and implementation in as little as 2 weeks.


Expert Knowledge

Software designed and developed by risk management experts.