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Policy-Based Access Controls (PBAC) Governor for ERP systems, Applications, and Infrastructure.

Access Management

Across all Cloud SaaS as well as on-premise applications a based on fine-grained policies.

We provide AUTOMATED detection, mitigation, remediation and prevention of access risk.





Policy Management - Segregation of Duties and Privileged Access Policies

Detects access policy violations to control financial, operational, fraud, and cyber risks. Define policies in terms of risk descriptions, impact, likelihood, and fine-grained rules that constitute discrete and fuzzy logic in terms of IT system security entitlements and privileges for governance models such as Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access, Data Protection, and Trade Secrets. Eliminate false-positive filters to improve risk analysis and response.


A high-performance policy engine rapidly analyzes millions of security attribute combinations and permutations across all enterprise IT systems and ERPs and business application security snapshots to report violations.  Violation Manager eliminates exceptions where risk is accepted with compensating controls,  using advanced filters. Remediation Manager issues corrective actions using closed-loop workflows that expedite risk response, reduce risk exposure and automatically update violations reports to ensure audit evidence is accurate and timely. 

We address your needs by providing:

  • Rules Management
  • Security Snapshots
  • Violations Manager
  • False-Positives 
  • Compensating Controls

Automate periodic user access review to easily manage and control access that meets the audit standards established and expected by major audit firms including the Big Four. READ MORE
Provision users and identities according to policy-based access controls. Gain real-time fine-grained visibility into user and identity behaviour across the entire enterprise. READ MORE
Automate role design and simulate security before violations get introduced into the system. READ MORE
Provide users and identities temporary access to elevated or conflicting privileges. The SafePaaS platform has an integrated PAM solution that enforces segregation of duties to avoid toxic combinations of access allowing for a complete view of all users and identities. READ MORE
If you have monitoring controls such as transaction controls, you can look back to see where potential risk has materialized.
Detect and respond in real-time to suspicious transactions, configuration and master data changes to reduce risk. READ MORE
A key benefit of identity and access management is the centralized recording of all user management and log in activities. AccessPaaS™ audit trail records all user changes and activities, which can be used for powerful statistics or retroactive forensics.

Complete Access Management solution

SoD monitoring and management. Remediation tools for roles design and user certification Flexible user provisioning to ensure control and auditability of ERP access granted to users.

Supports major ERP’s

Oracle EBS, Oracle ERP Cloud, SAP, PeopleSoft, J D Edwards, Microsoft, Workday, NetSuite also allowing cross-application control validation.

Fast Rapid Results

Rapid setup and implementation in as little as 2 weeks.


Expert Knowledge

Software designed and developed by risk management experts

Control fine grained identity access rights embedded in security roles to meet rapidly changing technology needs, compliance regulations and cyber threats.

As organisations adopt an increasing number of business applications along with the expansion of data sources and devices, security risks are growing at unprecedented rates. Identity Governance and User Rights Management is more complex and the security design can impede the benefits of a modern digital business platform.

Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) available in ERP applications, Identity Governance and IT Service Management systems are no longer sufficient to deal with the modern digital paradigm, especially when it comes to policy-based cross-application access management such as Segregation of Duties, User Access Request Orchestration, Periodic Access Certification, Privileged Access Management, and Data Protection.

  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) systems alone do not provide fine-grained risk management capabilities which are critical for compliance reporting, auditing and forensic.
  • IGA systems are unable to control access risks growing from face-paced, digital business landscapes, a mix of on-premise and cloud application environments and an increase in hybrid work models.
  • Managing and controlling identities that grant users’ access to enterprise applications, databases, servers and cloud infrastructure is challenging without effective policy based access controls in place.
  • Complex ERP security design can impede the deployment of a modern digital business platform without specialised solutions and knowledge.

Complete controls governance platform that seamlessly integrates with ERP applications, IT Service Management (ITSM), and IDM/IGA data sources to govern role-based access controls based on access policies at the fine-grained access rights level.

Challenges with Provisioning process
SafePaaS Dashboards
Segregation of duties Oracle EBS

All in one controls platform that goes beyond identity and access management. Our platform integrates identity governance with fine-grained access governance providing organizations a full true picture of risk.