Unified Data Access Governance

Unified Data Access Governance

Unified Data Access Governor (UDAG)

SafePaaS announces its Unified Data Access Governor (UDAG) offering for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) at Ascend 2023

Orlando, Florida, June 11, 2023. SafePaaS, the leading Policy-based Access Governance platform and a sponsor of Ascend 2023 announces its Unified Data Access Governance solution for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The solution allows Oracle customers using ERP systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and other home-grown applications running on Oracle R12c on OCI or on-premise to detect the attempts of unauthorized individuals, unusual identity, and privileged account behavior to protect the modern digital enterprise from security threats, misuse, and data breaches. 

Managing user data access is more challenging than ever and with increasingly complex global privacy regulations and an unprecedented number of cyberattacks, it’s essential to perform effective data access governance on your databases to ensure not only protection against threats but business continuity.

Organizations need to be able to prevent not only unauthorized identities from accessing data but also authorized identities from inappropriate access to data to reduce damaging data breaches and leaks.

SafePaaS Unified Data Access Governor leverages the Oracle R12c unified audit capabilities to track changes within the database that are not easily detected by database monitoring tools. For example, UDAG can track changes to objects such as columns within a table structure, as well as programs such as PL/SQL packages. If sensitive data such as credit card or national ID is viewed, copied or inserted into an unauthorized object, SafePaaS can immediately report the incident to IT Security and Compliance Managers for corrective action.

UDAG forms the foundation for effective data analysis. When data access is governed effectively, decision-makers can trust the data they are working with, leading to more accurate insights, better strategic planning, and improved business outcomes.

SafePaaS CTO Hennie Vermeulen says, “In today’s multi-cloud, hybrid, dynamic environments, where remote work has become the norm, organizations are more vulnerable than ever to threats.” He adds, “SafePaaS provides a complete Data Access Governance solution that allows organizations to track changes made by privileged users at the database level."

SafePaaS is the policy-based access governance platform that automatically detects and prevents access risks, security incidents, and audit findings across the entire enterprise in one single platform. Built from the ground up, our organic, agile cloud platform allows organizations to adopt and extend identity security and access governance solutions efficiently and effectively when required. SafePaaS supports any enterprise application, any cloud infrastructure, and any IAM or ITSM system for complete governance. Policies sit at the center of our platform architecture delivering immediate value without the complexity of role-based IGA solutions.

Please contact Emma Kelly at SafePaaS for more information.

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