Improved Access Review

Automated access review
Policy Based Access Controls

Improved Periodic Access Review with augmented

data from Identity Access Management (IAM) systems

Periodic Access Review (PAR) is the periodic process of attesting that a set of employees has the appropriate privileges on the appropriate resources at a specific point in time. Business needs for Periodic Access Review have evolved, beyond the first-generation IAM capabilities in response to growing compliance mandates and increased cybersecurity risks. As a result, IAM customers are now demanding specialized capabilities based on new control objectives to address gaps in the general-purpose IAM systems. Auditors require fine-grained certification capabilities for effective governance. 

SafePaaS extends modern IAM systems such as Azure and Okta as well as legacy IGA tools’ capabilities such as SailPoint to ensure effective access management controls. For example, customers can now integrate SafePaaS with IGA and IAM tools to improve the accuracy and completeness of Periodic Access Review by augmenting the ERP User-Role assignment records with access management data. SafePaaS pulls in data from the access management system and links it with data from the ERP system to provide control owners and access reviewers the ability to see what was provisioned and approved in the provisioning system versus what access was granted in the ERP System. By providing a consolidated dashboard, you can effectively determine if a certain user needs to continue to have access to assigned roles and privileges or if the access should be removed. 

SafePaaS can now embed fine-grained controls within the current access management process supported by tools like SailPoint and Azure to detect and prevent access change requests that violate access policies. Our goal is to provide simple, pinpoint control solutions that require less effort from the customer, IGA administrators, and other staff in the CISO team.