A Year in Review – enhanced governance, risk and security solutions

A Year in Review – enhanced governance, risk and security solutions.

Great Stuff for Cyber Security and Risk Management Buffs.

The beginning of the year saw the launch of SafePost Quarterly – a quarterly newsletter covering SafePaaS risk management and cybersecurity solutions as well as governance, risk and security enhancements, product features and company news.

2019 was a productive year for SafePaaS as we increased our product development bandwidth by 200% and opened a new development centre in Argentina to augment our existing technology team in Bangalore, enabling us to achieve a one week release cycle, cutting the design-to-deploy time by 50%. In addition, we made significant improvements to SafePaaS cloud infrastructure security, reliability and performance. These improvements include new servers with (fault tolerance) and 500% higher processing storage systems with faster access, and firewalls 10x speed using fiber optics.

Preventative Controls for Identity Management

We now offer user access control service on our cloud platform that seamlessly integrates within Identity Management systems such as Okta, Sailpoint, Onelogin and others to enable risk-based authentication, personalized user experience, and fine-grained user access certification controls.

SafeID™ - Single sign-on into SafePaaS and SAML for enterprise security

SafePaaS users can now enjoy single sign-on (SSO) from multiple devices using a single ID to access SafePaaS along with other IT applications and resources. This takes just minutes to set up after integration with the Idm system is established and makes end user management much more efficient.

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) permits systems administrators to engage a third-party identity provider to grant users access to multiple systems. In this case, SafePaaS permits you to configure your account to authenticate users from your chosen identity provider. You can use those authentications to gain access to your SafePaas account.

SafePaaS uses the XML-based Security assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol for single sign-on into SafePaaS from a corporate portal or identity provider. With SAML, you can also transfer information between services.

single sign-on into SAML for enterprise security

Advanced Data Discovery and Business Insight

DataProbeETL™ is rearchitected for the cloud to scale large volumes of data from disparate data sources and enable users to gain actionable information by discovering patterns in all types of structured and unstructured enterprise data. Customers can then use this insight to improve bottom line, significantly reduce cash leakage and post-audit recovery costs, improve revenue recognition timing, safeguard the integrity of financial statements, reduce the cost of internal and external audits, increase visibility into controls environment and mitigate exposure to fraud.

DataProbe Advanced Analytics
Closed-loop Incident Management Workflow

Now available in MonitorPaaS™ to mitigate enterprise risk and monitor ERP risk.

Within MonitorPaaS™ we created the ability to log incidents (centrally) and allow owners to approve or reject each incident individually and thus being able to keep track of all violations.

MonitorPaaS™ enforces a granular level of risk mitigation to targeted users and events by invoking approvals and notifications when key risk fields are modified. Examples include requiring approvals and reasons for changes to customer limits, and preventing posting of GL Entries into a closed period without approval from the Controller.

Closed-loop incident management workflow
Data Protection - GPPR, SOC1 and SOC2

SafePaaS introduced Data Protection Monitor in October. Organizations can now rapidly deploy Data Protection Monitors to detect personal and sensitive data risks. The monitors generate risk incidents based on data privacy policies, which are automatically assigned to data protection owners for investigation and remediation. A closed-loop incident response workflow log maintains an effective control evidence log for independent audit of data protection policies and ensures sustained compliance.

In 2019 SafePaaS passed SOC1 with flying colours. SafePaaS offers the highest level to safeguard the information transferred and stored in the cloud by providing annual, independent certification of all systems and hosting facilities.


Fiber upgrade for faster transfers SafePaaS now provides the flexibility, security and uptime for your business needs through fiber for a faster transfer of information. Increased speed, faster access to the cloud, significant increase in reliability and better protection against cybercrime are just some of the advantages this upgrade will bring.