Access Certification

Automate User Access Review and Certification

SafePaaS Enterprise Certification Manager™ makes it easy to manage and control access that meets the audit standards established and expected by major audit firms including the Big Four. Automating the process not only replaces a manual time-consuming task, often done via email and spreadsheets, but ensures timely, complete and accurate results ensuring compliance. Automating access reviews saves organizations hundreds of hours each quarter, which requires management review of access role assignments and privileges within business-critical applications.

Benefits of Enterprise Certification Manager™ include:

  • Intuitive Review and Certification for Accurate Results
  • Consolidated Controls Management and Administration for complete compliance
  • Closed-loop User Access Change Management for timely remediation
  • Lower IT Costs with self-service integrated ITSM and IGA synchronizations
  • Reduce Audit Burden with Risk-based Intelligent Certification Management
  • Prevent ITGC Control Failure with Fine-Grained Role-Entitlement Controls
  • Rapid deployment with configuration integration protocols for on-premise and cloud applications

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