AccessPaaS™ - Advanced Access Controls Management

Trusted Access Platform-as-a-Service Available in the Cloud for the Modern Digital Enterprise

SafePaaS Access Controls Management solution AccessPaaS™ enables your organisation to truly mitigate risk by leveraging our fine-grained access controls management capabilities.

 As organisations adopt an increasing number of business applications along with the expansion of data sources and devices, security risks are growing at unprecedented rates. Managing user entitlements is more complex and the security design can impede the deployment of a modern digital business platform. Access monitoring systems are not well-designed to deal with this paradigm, especially when it comes to policy-based user provisioning, cross-application Segregation of Duties monitoring. Identity Management systems cannot see what is going on in a particular system. IDM alone does not provide consolidated activity logs, which are critical for compliance reporting, auditing and forensic.

That’s where AccessPaaS™ can help

AccessPaaS™ includes:

Segregation of Duties Policy Management

Policy-based Access Lifecycle Management

Integrated Fulfilment

Roles Management 

Access Certification/Review

Emergency Access Management

Advanced Access Analytics 

Benefits of AccessPaaS™ include:

  • Detect and prevent insider and cyber threats
  • Rapidly reduce Segregation of Duties risks with workflow-enabled collaboration
  • Control privileged access across multiple systems
  • Control financial, operational, fraud, and cyber risks
  • Transform rapidly growing data into actionable insight
  • Automatically detect and prevent access risks, security incidents and audit findings

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