act on trusted information

Risk Manager

Improve risk assessment, mitigation and remediation

Monitor Key Risk Indicators to help you apply frequency and failure analysis as part of your comprehensive risk assessment. Identify the controls that will mitigate significant risks and analyze the cost and benefits of implementing these controls.

Gather evidence of controls to help build an effective risk management program. Determine inherent and residual risks using enterprise surveys. Surveys are sent to set of users via email who must respond to the survey using a passkey. You can create many types of questions, provide instructions and limit the time frame for response.
Monitor risk incidents, losses and actions across the enterprise by gathering control assessment results from audits, compliance testing, IT system issues, and employee hotline/feedback. Assign Incidents to mangers based on predefined “rules” for timely action to remediate audit, compliance and system risks. Investigate Root cause using analytics to remediate enterprise risk.

Monitor enterprise risks across the enterprise

Provide actionable intelligence to decision makers

Perform ad-hoc analysis to identify root cause

Gain visibility into risk data across the enterprise

Leverage a common risk framework to eliminate redundant efforts

Take timely actions to reduce operational losses