Roles Manager

Eliminate Root Cause of Security Risk in Cloud and On Premise Applications:

• Improve access policies compliance within mission critical applications
• Reduce implementation and upgrade costs with pre-configured roles
• Lower total cost of ownership by controlling changes to roles

SafePaaS Role Manager is an application security design tool that contains a pre-configured catalog of roles, which comply with access policies for Segregation of Duty (SOD) and restrictive data access. You can use this tool to view existing role templates and design new roles by easily selecting or deselecting role configurations. Once the roles design is complete using workflows, it can be sent to pre-assigned reviewers and approvers to finalize the roles. The role preparers, reviewers and approvers can also assess the SOD control risks before finagling the roles.
Furthermore, these can be combined into composite roles that will match job responsibilities and comply with SOD policies. Our ERP Roles catalog contains Roles by ERP module and typical access requirements for those modules such as Manager, Supervisor, Clerk, Inquiry, Business Setup and IT Setup.

Roles Manager Enables Application Administrators to:
• Select pre-configured application roles from a roles catalog
• Update, Review and Approve Role design changes
• Identify Policy conflicts before the Roles are assigned to Users
Access Monitor
Maintain effective controls over information access:

Prevent Unauthorized Systems Access
Automate User Access Privileges
Verify that Access Controls are Effective

The SafePaaS User Access Review and Verification service enables you to assure external auditors that your access controls are designed correctly and operate effectively. Save hundreds of hours on manual reviews of access privileges within your ERP systems. Successfully implement your Periodic User Access Review and Verification processes in just one week.

Access Monitor enables Security and IT teams to:

• Automate manual access review processes
• Ensure there are no unauthorized users
• Detect and prevent disallowed access attempts

The SafePaaS User Access Review and Verification service automates your Quarterly User Access Review and Verification process with notifications to each department manager, application owner and process owner to review active users and privileges assigned to those users. Our service enables you to detect and prevent any unauthorized user access rights and quickly correct any conflicts. A compressive report of the review and verification process is generated as evidence to support the effectiveness of your user access controls.
Policy Monitor
Ensure Compliance and Mitigate Fraud Risks:

Separate Requests from Approvals
Restrict Access to Sensitive Data
Automate Access Control Remediation

SafePaaS Segregation of Duties (SOD) Software Services segregates access privileges within your ERP system and restricts sensitive data access to privileged users. Auditors, security managers and IT administrators use our web-based software service to define SOD policies, assess SOD risk, detect violations, and remediate access controls. Assess SOD risks by uploading role, responsibility and user access data into our GRCMonitor portal. Test your data with our content base of over 300 rules and then publish the results on a secure portal.

SafePaas enables your compliance, risk and IT teams to:

• Automate SOD risk assessments and changes
• Monitor role assignments and responsibilities
• Detect, correct and prevent access violations

SafePaaS SOD Software Services employs a rules management engine, to scan user access using the security structure of your ERP system. Policy Monitor identifies users and their role assignments that violate one or more SOD policies. Violation results are stored in a database which is accessed using analytics in Policy Monitor. Download test results and corresponding remediation plans in Excel, Word, Acrobat and other common formats to assure management and auditors that your business systems fully comply with SOD policies.
Provisioning All Users According to Policy

• Enable Policy Based Self Service User Access Request Mangement
• Improve Your Compliance Audit Trail
• Reduce the Risk of Internal Fraud

SafePaaS iAccess Provisioning Software Service enables you to ensure that all user provisioning requests proceed according to your Segregation of Duties (SOD) and Restrictive Access policies.

Safeguard your systems against fraud and maintain an audit trail in compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget Circular A-123, Bill 198 in Canada, and the UK Bribery Law.

SafePaaS enables your Security and IT teams to:

• Consistently apply Access/SOD policies to all roles
• Electronically approve and verify exceptions
• Maintain universal access security compliance
SafePaaS web-based ERP Access Monitor Software Service ensures that provisioning requests are checked against SOD policies before allowing role assignment. Exceptions that require management approval are processed via workflow notifications to obtain electronic approval from authorized supervisors. Utilize iAccess services during ERP implementations or upgrades to help your process owners establish and assign roles without violating application access controls by pre-testing new or revised user security models.

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